Unlocked Palm Pre Plus (Unlocked Quadband) Qwerty GSM Smartphone

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The Pre Plus comes preloaded with WebOS 1.3, but customers will be able to upgrade to WebOS 1.4 when it becomes available in February. The main updates in WebOS 1.3 are the addition of Yahoo services, like contact and calendar syncing, and Yahoo IM messenger.
You can also forward, copy text, and delete IMs and SMS texts by simply tapping on the message. In addition, YouTube videos played natively on the mobile Web browser when running the dedicated YouTube app, and widescreen videos fill the Pre's 3.1-inch display rather than getting cropped.
Unfortunately, WebOS 1.3 still feels a bit sluggish. Apps took some time to load, and scrolling through the menus wasn't as smooth as it should have been. Battery life was also pretty dismal--something we experienced with the original Palm Pre.
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zoelee (L5)
Jan 19, 2012
wow, really? I am regretting I didn't buy one along with Touchpad sale.. I can make a lot money if sell it now..
chirayu1 (L3)
Jan 19, 2012
Nice deal! Maybe planning to buy it or not! Thanks!

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