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May 26, 2020
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Editorial Reviews
“The way God has moved this message like wildfire to millions of people speaks volumes about its value. There is no turnkey or quick fix to having rich relationships. With down-to-earth honesty, Michael Todd not only gives you a vision for what your relationships could look like, but he also gives you the road map to get you there.”—Levi Lusko, lead pastor of Fresh Life Church and bestselling author

“Michael Todd is one of my favorite preachers. He is a great man of God. I am so proud of him, and I am so glad he wrote this much-needed book about relationships. I know you’ll love his authentic, personal, and engaging way of explaining how relationships work best when we do them God’s way. Using principles from God’s Word, this book will help you learn how to have better and more intimate relationships with your friends, your spouse, and, most important, with God!”—Robert Morris, founding lead senior pastor of Gateway Church and bestselling author of The Blessed Life, Beyond Blessed, and Take the Day Off

“We are often encouraged to practice what we preach. However, I think it’s also important to preach what we practice. This is exactly what Mike and Natalie Todd have done. They have taken their lumps and transformed them into lessons. They have taken their pain and turned it into purpose. They have taken their mistakes and turned them into ministry. They have taken their blessings and turned them into a book. If you are looking for a blueprint to a blessed relationship, this book is for you.”—Dr. Dharius Daniels, lead pastor of Change Church and author of Relational Intelligence

“Mike has been a dear friend since we were twenty years old—just recording music in Tulsa together. As we’ve both moved into ministry, I’ve seen God expand Mike’s reach greatly, but his humility and kindness have never changed with all the public praise. He’s the real deal on and off the stage, and he’s such an exemplary man of God for our generation. The message God has given Mike on relationship goals is one hundred percent fire! It is so important for anyone wanting to build Christ-centered, successful relationships. I’m so thankful for Mike and Natalie not just sharing a message but sharing their lives as a great example for marriage and family!”—Paul Daugherty, lead pastor of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
Let me rewind really quick through some of the photos of my life so you can get to know me, okay? There’s baby Mikey in his crib, born 1986 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ain’t he cute? Here’s one of me and my whole family when I was little: Mom and Dad with their four really active boys, minus my baby brother, Graceson, who came unexpectedly late. How could they do it with all of us and still be married today, after forty years? I don’t even know. Now, here I am playing drums at church, the place where I spent most of my childhood. So, I knew what was right from an early age; I only wish I’d done what was right more often. There’s me on tour with the late great Wayman Tisdale, thinking I’m going to be the next Tony Royster Jr. (Look him up. He’s awesome.) This here is a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world the night we met, but I’ll get to her in a little bit. There’s me at Edison High School, where I became the first African American “Mr. Edison”—an achievement that came as a surprise to many but was the start of my being recognized as a leader. After high school, I had six months of high-quality education from Tulsa Community College. (No picture needed for that.) Then I started a business of my own. So, here’s me at So FLY (Sold Out Free Life Youth) youth and young adults ministry, where I began teaching in ministry and discovered through a lot of crazy situations that the book you’re holding had to be written. And here is a very influential person in my life: Bishop Gary McIntosh, my ministry mentor and the man who gave me opportunities to preach. Then, in 2015, he entrusted me with leadership of the church he’d founded: Greenwood Christian Center, now known as Transformation Church. This one is of me up on stage, doing what I was created to do—re-presenting God’s Word.
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