The End Is Near For MoviePass

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Many MoviePass customers were out of luck last Thursday when the company ran out of money and couldn't pay for their users' tickets! Even after a $5 million loan, subscribers missed out on last weekend's box office hit "Mission Impossible: Fallout."

MoviePass launched in 2011 but didn't start gaining traction until last year, when Helios and Matheson bought a majority stake and introduced a new price model. For less than $10 per month, subscribers could see one movie every day. After that, the number of subscribers jumped to over a million.

The problem is that MoviePass pays theaters full price for each ticket its subscribers use, and this model was simply unsustainable.

While the end is coming for MoviePass, it did leave a lasting legacy in the movie theater business. Other movie theater chains started implementing their own services.

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spon (L2)
Jul 31, 2018
good bye. i'm glad I didn't invest in you. besides, I still don't know how your cost model works. all I see is: losing money.

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