18" Wheel Unicycle w/ Free Stand 1.75" Skidproof Butyl Tire Cycling Bike Cycle

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What's the matter?
wdjdac May 26, 2013
I Have always wanted to Try one of these Out, Not sure how Hard it would be to Ride one!
erick99 May 25, 2013
I am no coordinated enough to use these but my sons might be. I can certainly appreciate the fine deal. Plussed.
kevin07 May 25, 2013
I've always wanted to try and ride one of these lol
shimisi May 25, 2013
There's something I've never bought and used before... probably staying that way too... : )
seanvcxz May 25, 2013
I've always wanted to try one of these things out. They don't seem too hard.
hemalaa May 25, 2013
looks like it would be fun to drive this one. But it should take some time to learn and ride this one.
MrBklynW May 25, 2013
very cool, love the unique colors
additc May 24, 2013
these things took me 2 months to learn to ride.
iowahawkeyes May 24, 2013
Hahahaha I would have never thought I'd ever see a multi colored unicycle as a deal on here... Let alone the front page.
nimase85 May 24, 2013
This seems like a great price for a unicycle and the stand is an added bonus... Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass it on...
dealio23 May 24, 2013
LOL I've always wanted to try a unicycle just to see if I could ride one.
Jlowry May 24, 2013
I digg this. I haven't seen these unicycles in a long time
mikhaila May 24, 2013
These are so cool. I always wondered how these worked. I never thought about buying my own
glwrks May 24, 2013
I have a nephew that was great on unicycles when he was younger. He used poles with rubber ends to get the balance thing down. This size is for those 53" - 65" tall /up to 132 lbs. Price valid thru 5/28/13
lauchremi May 24, 2013
Way cool!!!
kimeeb May 24, 2013
I wonder if I could ride this...HMMM!
Ivetteleon May 24, 2013
always wanted to learn to ride one, and these look stylish.
littlexu May 24, 2013
Great price for Unicycle. Would be fun to ride on this. Thanks for sharing.
FibroMom May 24, 2013
Tried one of these ONCE - almost killed myself! ;) But - my oldest grandson wants one SO bad - am getting him one and putting it back for Christmas - just hope his insurance is up to date! ;)
blackfoot May 24, 2013
Seems like a good price, neat looking unicycles.
wzhenwei May 24, 2013
It is great deal! I will watch it, thanks for sharing it!
rd995 May 24, 2013
this is a good price at least to learn how to ride it
xptrish May 24, 2013
Ha ha,these look like s much fun,but the hospital bill wouldn't be so funny, lol
Hisgelt Jun 03, 2012
I used to have a unicycle until it was stolen . I feel bad for the guy because he was probably wondering where the other half was.