Beer Pong Balls - 144/pk

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What's the matter?
ReturninVideoTps Jul 02, 2012
Nice title haha. I almost bought a gross of these a long time ago. I'm always losing them...
BenaAdalia Jul 02, 2012
MrBklynW Jul 01, 2012
hehe nice find. some many beer pong balls, i'll never be too drunk to worry about losing a ball again=P
deby32953 Jul 01, 2012
Very unique! Nice find!
tpark6283 Jul 01, 2012
Wow! What a deal, they r always playing when the guys get together. These will last awhile!
dvinegrace83 Jul 01, 2012
is there a difference between BEER pong balls, and regular ping pong balls? lol
glwrks Jul 01, 2012
I wanna rig a Captain Kangaroo ball drop;)
rockinnrolla Jul 01, 2012
WOW thats a lot of BALLS! I wanna play some beer pong! :P
shimisi Jul 01, 2012
At prices like these, they're never really "actual" ping-pong balls. At prices like these, they're only called "beer pong balls" because that's all the beer pong players need them to be :)
truncj Jul 01, 2012
Read the reviews. Don't waste your money.
mikhaila Jul 01, 2012
I'm sure they will be out of stock soon! Great find!
poe601 Jul 01, 2012
My son amd his friends will jump on this deal!
EzzyLovesToSave Jul 01, 2012
ancagavs Jul 01, 2012
I saw a movie with the beer pong game. Loved the movie :)
taratstock Jul 01, 2012
I agree with IowaHawkeye ~ who would need that many ~ just saying!! It is a good find though & should be a ball buster!!
iowahawkeyes Jun 30, 2012
Don't get me wrong, the price is great, but who would ever need 144 beer pong balls? Hey, if you need that many, buy em. I'm just saying I can't think of too many situations where you would.
ArtemisDeals Jun 30, 2012
lol This is great. My friend always has BBQ's in the summer and beer pong is always played. I will have to pick this up for her :P
psplove Jun 30, 2012
amazing deal with great price.. Thanks
psplove Jun 30, 2012
Also $9.49 right now..
gangstabarbie Jun 30, 2012
This will come in handy when te drunken people lose all the balls ! ;)
YesBoss Jun 30, 2012
nice find, we used to spend lot of money on these ones. thanks for sharing the post.
akaricke Jul 01, 2012
I usually spend a lot of money PLAYING this :D Come home drunk and buy stuff I will never use just because it is a "deal"
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