Beer Tracker Bottle Opener - Counting Bottle Opener

Each time you pop the cap off with this device, a digital counter increases by one. When you wake up in the morning and say, "Oh, God, why?" you can look down and have a clear answer available. Resets to zero when you're ready to do it all over again. Measures about 5"x2"x0.5"
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What's the matter?
cid681 Feb 03, 2013
What a awesome idea, my friends might want this on our beer nights. Especially when someone wakes up on the bathroom floor... which may or may not have happened last month :-P
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krmills1 Feb 02, 2013
Good grief what will they think of next!!
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LokaFreeThings2 Feb 02, 2013
Lol! I don't know but this would've been useful in my college days!
krmills1 Feb 03, 2013
After thinking about it, I guess it would be great to keep track of how much you are drinking and MAYBE prevent someone from over drinking.
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LokaFreeThings2 Feb 03, 2013
Very true! It could be useful:)