Ben & Jerry's Pint Of Ice Cream Lock

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What's the matter?
vimalr May 25, 2012
this locks your ice cream box with a passcode :)
dvinegrace83 May 24, 2012
L...M...A...O!!!!! i agree everybody! file this under my "NEED" pile as well. stay away from my chunky monkey people.. and stop eating all the chocolate chips before i can get any!
glwrks May 24, 2012
I NEED this! 3 times in the last month, when I finally decide to indulge in a bowl of ice cream (that I brought home) I find my husband has already eaten the entire carton!
themoneyman1113 May 24, 2012
My buddy could make sure the kids stay out for sure. Sending this to find. Thanks-good find.
bbattag May 24, 2012
hahaha, this is awesome. That site has some other funny stuff too.
arsiel May 24, 2012
Brilliant. They need to make this for more types of food containers. I'm not a fan of sharing my favorite things D:
Christine May 24, 2012
hahahhahah this is just too funny not to get!!! i can't believe they have this
poe601 May 24, 2012
Great idea, to funny could really use this here!
deby32953 May 24, 2012
I need a lock for my entire fridge & freezer!
solowkoe May 24, 2012
hilarious. I know a few people who could use one. nice find!
nthsll May 24, 2012
LMAO. I need this to keep my kids outta the ice cream. A gallon only lasts about 3 days with teenage boys.
mlinhart May 24, 2012
jevans May 24, 2012
What a cool idea! Now my wife can't steal my Ben and Jerry's!
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jasoned May 24, 2012
I know... Right?!
FibroMom May 24, 2012
OMG! This is TOO FUNNY! I have GOT to get one of these for my daughter and son-in-law that "SAY" they are on a diet but are ALWAYS sneaking snacks! ;) LOVE it! :)
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jasoned May 24, 2012
Haha! That would be AWESOME if you got this for them! I would love to see their faces.
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