Big Mouth Toys Toilet and Urinal Novelty Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

*Price under more buying choices. Sold by: Red Arrow Savings
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What's the matter?
EzzyLovesToSave Mar 24, 2013
TOO funny!...and a SMOKIN price:)
littlexu Mar 24, 2013
You should have sense of humor to use them in your kitchen. I like them. Thanks for sharing.
shimisi Mar 24, 2013
LoL. The design of the urinal one is outstanding. These would be a great addition for collectors.
DealLeader Mar 24, 2013
I think I would be sleeping in the dog house if I bought these and put them out.
backspace Mar 24, 2013
Now need a similar one for oil & vinegar
tylerhews Mar 24, 2013
we could surely cut down on our salt intake if this was on the table
ancagavs Mar 24, 2013
this set is a good conversation starter with in laws. or not?
Durr21 Mar 23, 2013
This is very funny awesome deal good price too
alecupope Mar 24, 2013
@Durr21 funny yes, but kinda strange to have salt coming of a toilet.
xptrish Mar 23, 2013
Looks like my post of the dog and fire hydrant started something,lol
alecupope Mar 24, 2013
@xptrish they sure did. I've seen a lot of sets since then.
LokaFreeThings2 Feb 17, 2013
Haha! These would make for some great laughs though hahaha!
chetmo Feb 11, 2013
these are awesome
EzzyLovesToSave Feb 09, 2013
OK!...that's it! I'm gonna get these and TOTALLY embarrass my kids at our next family get-together!....I KNOW my daughter-in-law will remove them...but I LIVE to antagonize my kids!!!
rockinnrolla Feb 09, 2013
This would make for a fun gift! Nice find thanks for sharing!
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ancagavs Mar 24, 2013
@rockinnrolla if I got it as gift, it would bring a smile :)
krmills1 Feb 09, 2013
This might be cool for a college dorm or for some younger adults, but I don't think I would want these in my kitchen!! :) LOL!!
newguy Feb 09, 2013
I'm agree with you, krmills1 :)
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krmills1 Feb 09, 2013
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FibroMom Feb 09, 2013
LOL - don't shoot the messenger. ;)
krmills1 Feb 09, 2013
Don't get me wrong, these are really funny, I just don't think my wife would appreciate having them in her kitchen!! :)
dealwagger Mar 23, 2013
@krmills1 smart man, happy wife, happy life ;)
I think it would be fun to see if these would slow my family down on over salting, LOL
alecupope Mar 24, 2013
@krmills1 I don't think I'd want these either in the kitchen. they are funny, but only for a while.