Borat Mankini Green Thong Swimsuit Costume (One Size)

95% Polyester/5% Lycra
Dry Clean Only
As seen in the Borate Movie
This item is one size
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LokaFreeThings2 Mar 01, 2013
LMAO!! I would pay that much to get a laugh from this! lol
nimase85 Feb 27, 2013
This seems like a good price but i would never want to see anyone wearing this thing... I will be sure to pass this interesting deal on :)
glwrks Feb 27, 2013
Something so very wrong here! Why would anyone want a swimsuit that's Dry Clean Only?;)
erick99 Feb 27, 2013
Not in my wildest dream but it would make a great gag gift or something to put on to make my girlfriend laugh :)
tpark6283 Feb 27, 2013
Hahaha my brother would so love this!!! Nice find!
seanvcxz Feb 27, 2013
Plussed because I have too! There is always a good reason as least once in your life to wear this bad boy.
EzzyLovesToSave Feb 27, 2013
I can't stop laughing!...thid's make a SUPER gag gift for my hubby, sons and son-in-law:)
themoneyman1113 Feb 27, 2013
Sorry, I would never wear such a horrendous looking item, I hope this is a joke gift or something. laughing, imagine getting this as a serious gift!!!???
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arsiel Feb 27, 2013
What? Why can't you take a hint? branie obviously wants you to get this and wear it for her.
arsiel Feb 27, 2013
(That's why she updated it and got a ton of people to upvote it so you see it.)
branie Feb 27, 2013
Was it that obvious?? lol.. Now since I ordered it for my hubby I hope he will actually put it on, lol,,hahaha, just kidding or am I??? j/k
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themoneyman1113 Feb 28, 2013
Well thanks Branie. The price is excellent for my new swim wear for summer 2013, I budget at least $40 :--)You save us $30!!!
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hemalaa Feb 27, 2013
I haven't seen anyone wearing such a swimsuit before. it would be weird.
alecupope Feb 27, 2013
I wonder if someone actually wear this. interesting to see...
rockinnrolla Feb 27, 2013
This would look so great on the hubby! LOL ;P
ancagavs Feb 27, 2013
oh my, who would want her man to wear this?
littlexu Feb 27, 2013
It would be sexier if this is on a woman.
zoneric Feb 27, 2013
wow, that's...weird...I don't think it's very comfortable.
klinmaximus Feb 27, 2013
No comment !
zoneric Feb 27, 2013
I know what you mean. looks weird.
deby32953 Feb 26, 2013
EEEEWWWWEEEEE!!!! I'd hate to see anyone I know in this!
ucrual Mar 08, 2012
if no one likes it, then why is so popular?
FibroMom Mar 08, 2012
TOO Funny! If I were on a beach and saw a guy in one of these I would "HEAD THE OTHER WAY!" ;)
shopange08 Feb 26, 2013
I don't know.. I think if I saw a guy in one of these, it would be one of those things you didn't want to look at, but at the same time, you couldn't look away from either! LOL :)
zoneric Feb 27, 2013
I agree with you. if you see someone in it, I don't think you can just look away. lol
jasoned Mar 08, 2012
You couldn't pay me to wear this. Not in a million in years. :)
Christine Mar 07, 2012
hahahahahhh wwwhhhyyyyy do people get these?!??!
vimalr Mar 07, 2012
looks so awkward and uncomfortable.
arsiel Mar 07, 2012
Why is this happening on again :'(
MrBklynW Mar 07, 2012
lols god this thing looks so disturbing.
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audiocracy Mar 07, 2012
arsiel Feb 27, 2013
Heyooo. It's back for 2013. We can bleach our eyes together this time.
audiocracy Feb 28, 2013
It's worth the tradeoff at least!
krmills1 Mar 07, 2012
newjerseychickxo Mar 07, 2012
WOW! very interesting,my boss would look great in this. Nice find:)
branie Mar 07, 2012
Oh..This looks so uncomfortable for you guys! -lol- Interesting find :)
blackfoot Mar 07, 2012
price drop