Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

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What's the matter?
happygeorge Aug 18, 2013
Very interesting!
sorinlandiana Jun 03, 2013
my friends bought one for me, as a gift, and it was MAX FUN!
Nellysg Jun 02, 2013
Lol my brother would love this... Great deal!
wzhenwei Jun 01, 2013
It is cool , I need one, thanks for sharing it!
themoneyman1113 Jun 01, 2013
Good price and I am passing it along to a buddy :--)
seanvcxz Jun 01, 2013
If I would have had one of these in college it would have been dangerous.
Dexterous Jun 01, 2013
this is a fun game, nice sale
supermawmaw4 Jun 01, 2013
Great for drinking games
supermawmaw4 Jun 01, 2013
Great ideal for drinking games
additc Jun 01, 2013
This is a strange item on dp, i keep seeing pop back up every once in a while. It is , however, pretty cool
At0micAmbER Jun 01, 2013
drinking gamesss!
littlexu Jun 01, 2013
Great price for this Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
zoneric Jun 01, 2013
cool game! I can get drunk so easily. lol
alecupope Jun 01, 2013
@zoneric you can't hold your liquor? that's too bad. I can :)
Jazmine_ilene Jun 01, 2013
I actually gave this as a gift to someone and they had a blast with it lol
krmills1 May 31, 2013
Good price for a little drinking game that I know a lot of friends would loveto have.
sly1960 May 31, 2013
I have one its great, thanks for posting!
LokaFreeThings2 May 31, 2013
This would've been awesome in my party days. Great price too!