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Mom is prepared!

Is the Mom in your life prepared for the zombie apocalypse? One thing we've learned from The Walking Dead is that living in zombieland really forces you to get tough. You gotta fire guns, stab walkers in the eyes, and sometimes even kill people you love before they turn. But if anyone can do the tough and dirty jobs of the apocalypse, it's Mom. (After all, she's seen what a geekling can do to a diaper.)

What's included:

Survival Kit in a Can
25 critical items packed into a sardine can.

Tac Bac Bacon
18 servings of bacon that will last for 10 years... or until you're hungry.

Collapsible Shot Glass
Be ready to drink that fresh water when you find it.

The Zombie Survival Guide
Everything Mom needs to know about getting her family through the zombie apocalypse.
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