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Make Mom Happy

Parents are hard to buy for. Honestly, it's mostly because it's hard to give something equivalent to the person who gave you LIFE. Sure you can get Mom flowers, but they die. You can get her a "World's Best Mom" frame from Hallmark or someplace, but shouldn't the fact that they're mass-producing those say something about the disingenuous nature of such a gift? Her genetic makeup produced a geek; we bet she's something of a geek herself. We've put together some of our favorite products that will guarantee Maternal Happiness. And you know what they say: If Mama is happy, EVERYONE is happy!

What's included in the Maternal Happiness Gift Pack?

Minibru Coffee Mug
One cup of perfectly brewed French Press coffee (or loose leaf tea) coming up!

Sriracha Chocolate Bar
Sugar and spice and everything nice.

8 Bit Flower Bouquet
Straight from a kingdom of mushrooms! These flowers, like your love, never die.

Gelato Sugar Scrub Mai Tai
Scrub the stress of the day away and achieve soft, glowing skin. Mai Tai scent will make Mom feel like she's on a tropical vacation.
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