Twist & Mist Cooling System (Cools by 30 Degrees) + $5 Gift Card

Use promo code: STAYCOOL5for a flat shipping rate of $4.99 on entire order + $5 Gift Card
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What's the matter?
shimisi Aug 05, 2012
Great price drop (plus gift)! Good time to try this out.
bbattag Aug 04, 2012
I would recommend this. Ive used it a few times and for the price it's definitely worth it. I used it on my patio when it was about 100 out, so it felt great.

Im not sure how long it will last since I havent used it that long, but for the price, I'd say it's worth trying
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lilywow Aug 04, 2012
Sounds like something that would make my summer more tolerable
Florida2Texas Aug 04, 2012
Looks interesting! Does anyone know how exactly does this work?
nagamasa Aug 04, 2012
This works if it is a dry heat. The idea is for the mist to settle on your skin and immediately evaporate. The conversion from liquid to vapor is very energy intensive and thus rids you of your excess heat.

However, if you're in a humid environment, the mist has a more difficult time evaporating, making it significantly less effective. However, constantly having a cold water mist land on you would arguably still be refreshing.
zoneric Aug 04, 2012
perfect for hot summer days. great deal, nice find.
ancagavs Aug 04, 2012
looks so refreshing. I could use one right now. nice find.
nimrodboy3 Aug 03, 2012
oh man..this looks fun. sometimes that's all you want when it's a hot day. awesome!
nimase85 Aug 03, 2012
This seems like a great price for a Mist Cooling System and perfect for these hot summer days we have been having lately
Dexterous Aug 03, 2012
Has anyone purchased this? This looks really awesome, but I need feed back. Great find.
bbattag Aug 04, 2012
I did. It's not bad at all. Only have used it a few times but works great for me and doesn't leak. Just hook up to your hose.
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ArtemisDeals Aug 03, 2012
very interesting... I wonder how well it works. But for $4.00 its worth a try :)
blackfoot Aug 03, 2012
Sounds like a good deal for only $4.
krmills1 Aug 03, 2012
I wish I had a pool to put this beside, or I guess you really don't need a pool, but it would be extra nice to use by the pool.