Winner Announced! Win an iPad 2 by posting a tip in our new "Post a Tip" section!

Winner Announced! Win an iPad 2 by posting a tip in our new
Do you consider yourself an "extreme couponer"? Do you have what it takes to turn a $1,000 grocery bill into a $25 grocery bill? Well you don't need to be that good, but if you do have any tips on grocery coupons or saving big at the supermarket, we want to know about it! Plus, your tip could score you a brand new iPad 2!

How to enter:

    1) Post a tip about grocery coupons or other kinds of "extreme couponing" on our new "Post a Tip" feature

    2) Tag your tip post with "Grocery Coupons" or "Extreme Couponing"

Winner: Congrats to user "MrBklynW" for winning an iPad 2 in this giveaway! Thanks for the tip:

Rules and guidelines:
  • This contest runs from now until July 14th
  • The winner will be announced Friday, July 15th
  • All tip posts are subject to deletion by the staff for any reason
  • All rules are subject to change at any time by the staff
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What's the matter?
my45678 Jul 18, 2011
visit everyday, first thing when u wake up, n last thing b4 u went to bed.
nimrodboy3 Jul 15, 2011
Congrats MrBklynW. Great tips. Great prize.
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MrBklynW Jul 15, 2011
Thank you nimrodboy3=)
nimrodboy3 Jul 15, 2011
My pleasure
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nimrodboy3 Jul 15, 2011
good luck to all
sravanthi1439 Jul 14, 2011
Extreme Couponing

I could not understand how to tag the post..... I pasted the link here ... Hope every one can save :)
cconrady Jul 14, 2011
Well, good luck to whoever wins!
If you want, check out my hints for your next trip to the store:

Tell me what you do to save and if this helped!
livecheapr Jul 14, 2011
Go to for all the best chicago daily deals!
shawnky Jul 14, 2011
I helps with tips on shopping
shawnky Jul 14, 2011
Only buy what you need and stock up on buy one get one frees.
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im2blonde Jul 14, 2011
Grocery coupons @grocery_coupons

I like to keep a small plastic index box in the car with my coupons. This is really handy when you have those quick & unplanned grocery trips. Along with categorizing the coupons by products, I keep a "expiring soon" tab at the front of the box, so those don't get buried amongst the others. I also have a tab for fast foods & other restaurants, again it's so handy when it's a spur of the moment decision.
julynana Jul 14, 2011
It's cheap case, if you don't have much money , you can consider it.
Dfwilson Jul 14, 2011
I watch the ads for our local store which will have ads for buy one 1 get 2 free. Then I will get the wife and son to also go and buy. We get a lot of meat this way and stock the freezer up very checp sometimes.
reniefran Jul 14, 2011
I find that coupons are only valuable if the product is something you want.Often you find that another brand will be less expensive without a coupon. I often try the store brand if it is cheaper. If I like it great, if I don't then I go back to the store brand. Also I find that shopping passes from department stores are great. Most of them work with the credit card, so I pay with the credit card and then pay what I owe, get the deal and no extra interest. Don't buy anything you don't need! For those things you use a lot try to catch them when they are on sale or look for the buy one get one sales.
balagyi Jul 14, 2011
you want to get great deals on the item(s) you are buying from clothing to all electronic stuff. visit

best wishes all and enjoy the great deals
phillip666 Jul 14, 2011
Here is my tips. Extreme Couponing"

If you really want to save money . then you need to look to the long run..

Which means. End All Bank Accounts with Zombie Banks. Banks that are too big to

Fail.... There is a Coming Global Crash in the Markets. and you dont want to be

Part of it... I Advise Investing in Precious Metals. Or Food...

Secondly ..Find every Coupon and free sample giveaway on the Web you can...

New Offers arrive everyday. and you should take atvantage of that..

Also if you live near doctors or dentist or work offices. or any waiting rooms.

Go see if they will give you their Magazines and papers when they have finished

With them.. as there are always and givaways in them.....

And thirdly..Link up with all supermarkets either Personally or through

The Web.. As There are thousand of offers and givaways Daily.

These are my tips for Savings.........

Good luck........
deal0matic Jul 14, 2011
That's an easy one. Follow for all the great deals available across all the different things you need to buy in life/
Djw1995 Jul 14, 2011
go through ads and price mach as well as clip coupons and at some stores you can use double coupons.
Hibi40 Jul 14, 2011
Extreme Couponing
#1.Have a list. #2.match sales w/store & manufactured coupons. #3. I go to multiple stores for extreme deals. #3. Collect neighbor/friends circulars.
Pavanco Jul 14, 2011
an obvious one for more than one newspaper and if you can different areas of you town
Pablob19 Jul 14, 2011
Here is my tip.........
MrBklynW Jul 14, 2011
sravanthi1439 Jul 07, 2011
Hey every one I feel this is a greal deal for kids who want to fly overseas....

I could not underdstand how to tag so I pasted the link here
mymy45678 Jul 06, 2011
i read my local news paper every morning, and cut them down, scan it, n email them to everyone my mailing list, easier to send my kid to get something if i have send them the deal to their e mail, so they know excellently what to get n where to buy them :) reli want to win this for my kid at school
Krujaze Jul 05, 2011
Check your local Newspaper's website or simply google it. I've found some great deals through their "grouponesk" programs they run with local businesses, for example I live in Minnesota the local paper is called the Star Tribune, here is link to the deals page:
tobioh Jul 05, 2011
My advice would be to just buy what you actually use, and don't become a hoarder by the great deals.

Thanks for the chance....
bizymare Jul 05, 2011
I keep my coupons in a box in the car. I learned I forget them if I don't and wasted a lot of money when I didn't keep them handy.
audiodell Jul 05, 2011
Birthdays are the best days to get free food all over town. You can get breakfast at IHOP, lunch at Beef O'Brady's, and dinner at TGI Friday's, then we top it off with dessert at Dairy Queen, all for free. The choices are plenty for all types of foods such as Seafood at Captain D's and a multitude of other places. Check your local listing and sign up at the web sites. I always look forward to mine and my wife's birthday.
Miameta Jul 05, 2011
I check Facebook for deals!
Christienne Jul 05, 2011
Try to combine offers as much as possible. For example, if you currently buy restaurant gift cards online, remember to also go to the restaurant on the night when kids eat FREE!! More bang for your buck!
denusurat Jul 04, 2011
get 1.50 dollar newspaper and that has lot of coupon in it and after that you can use it n watch for double coupon and use it u will save lot guys trust me
denusurat Jul 04, 2011
Time is money and if you waste time you are wasting money so be careful and save money
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petros Jan 29, 2012
Denusurat I totally agree with you. My mother is 81and every Sunday I pick her up to get the paper and (later) go shopping. She spends hours pouring over the papers, yes plural, clipping her coupons. Frankly, I think it's a pain in the butt, I neither have the time nor patience.
A website like this is entirely different. To run around collecting papers, cutting coupons for brands that you probably don't like in the first place is insane.
My time is money. One last word. One day my mother forgot a coupon and wanted me to go back to the store to get the money for it. I asked her how much the coupon was for - 50 cents! You can guess my answer.
imryanhi Jul 03, 2011
thanks for the contest, I gave my sure fire tips here:
Calvinn Jul 03, 2011
cool... i longed for one..pad is winning more from PC
martinamar Jul 03, 2011
I buy extra Sunday newspapers every week, I ride my bike every Thursday looking for the free edition Hispanic newspaper, also I look at every store for store coupons to match up with mfr coupons, to use them mostly at Publix supermarket. I never spent 1000 dollars in groceries, but using coupons I can reduce 70% off my total receipt including meat and fresh produce.
Cuc_ku Jul 03, 2011
Don't buy Crowncase for your iPad, cheap quality case!
skaro964 Jul 02, 2011
I added my rather long answer, but it comes from decades of refinement.
MrBklynW Jul 02, 2011
I did not know we could self promote our tips.

Well here's my post on tips, hope you guys like it

Grocery Coupons: From Multiple Sources, Tips & More!

Good luck to whoever wins!=)
akaricke Jul 15, 2011
Congratulations on winning.
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nimase85 Jul 15, 2011
Congratulations! :)
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VirginiaPeanuts Jul 15, 2011
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Texas_Aggie Jul 15, 2011
Congratulations! And "GREAT" (very detailed) tip...
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grandma5 Jul 15, 2011
Congratulations to you..well deserved!
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cconrady Jul 15, 2011
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jamesjr55 Jul 15, 2011
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MrBklynW Jul 15, 2011
Thank you everybody! I want to thank everyone that voted for me and thank you to DEALSPLUS & its awesome STaff you guys are AWESOME!

This really has made my year! Thank you so much!=)