5W UV 395nm LED Black Light Fixtures with Gooseneck and Clamp for UV Black Paint and Ultraviolet Curing, Portable Ultra Violet Blacklight (Black 5W)

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5W LED Black light fixture can be equvalent to a 50W UV bulb. 395nm UV LED black Light with Clamp and Gooseneck is ideal for UV body paints & fluorescence, UV curing for resin arts, Blacklight paint.

50% refund for revr
Power: 5W
Input: 110-120V
Color: UV, 395nm
Beam: 30Deg.
Gooseneck arm: 11" Long, 360Deg.roatable
Cable Length: 55 inches with on/off switch
Clamp opens by 1.25 inches max.
UV resin curing light suggsted in 2-4" distance
UV Painting suggested in 4-6 Feet

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