7-Piece Steel Sling Folding Patio Dining Set-DT-240124E at The Home Depot

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What's the matter?
xrjohn May 27, 2013
very nice patio set. really good price. thanks.
boricua1 May 27, 2013
this is a really good find..nice
sorinlandiana May 27, 2013
I like it as design, but I think the umbrella is too little to keep us away from the sun.
alecupope May 27, 2013
nice dining set. it's a great price. I like it!
poe601 May 27, 2013
Awesome price for the whole set with free in-store pickup.
zoneric May 27, 2013
the umbrella seems kinda small for a set of four chairs. or is it just me?
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alecupope May 27, 2013
@zoneric seems a bit small indeed, but you can put the chairs and the table under a tree or built your own shade :)
mdgirl May 30, 2013
@zoneric the umbrella is small, and look like it will only make it through 1 summer. I am panning to store mine inside when I am not using it.
chuckydealpl May 27, 2013
great set for small area or for additional seating
ancagavs May 27, 2013
all pieces for under $100? that's a good deal.
lotuslove19 May 26, 2013
I have this table and chair set ,it is really nice,we can fold it and keep it away so it takes less place .
abu5692 May 25, 2013
Very good deal for this 7-Piece Steel Sling Folding Patio Dining Set
Kritsy May 24, 2013
Super great price!!!
shimisi May 24, 2013
What an awesome deal for the entire set. Great buy for those who are needing one.
THartz606 May 24, 2013
Really good price for a 7 piece set especially since it's the time where everyone is picking them up for the summer and barbequing outside.
kimeeb May 24, 2013
Great price....home depot quality is good too.
MrBklynW May 24, 2013
this is a great deal. awesome find
dealio23 May 23, 2013
This is a great set perfect for smaller deck or patio. Nice find!
RealPage16 May 23, 2013
This is a nice patio set, and for this price? Amazing simply amazing.
iowahawkeyes May 23, 2013
A patio set for under a 100 bucks is definitely worth it. How's the quality of this brand? How's the reviews?
nimase85 May 23, 2013
This is a great price for this patio dining set and it looks pretty nice... Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass this great deal on...
HomeSavings May 23, 2013
Such a good deal. #patio #furniture
mnvikings11 May 23, 2013
I've seen this on clearance for under $50 in the fall.
backspace May 23, 2013
This is a very good deal.set looks great..
LisaNtom08 May 23, 2013
Can't beat this price for a 7 PC set!
jkbane May 23, 2013
Seems like a good deal! Table seems small, but can't complain too much for the price!
alecupope May 27, 2013
@jkbane it does small indeed, especially if 4 people eat at the same time.
DealLeader May 23, 2013
Very nice set. Spring is here! Time to buy!
newjerseychickxo May 23, 2013
I have been looking for a table and chair set. At this price for 7 piece, Wow! unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.
Durr21 May 23, 2013
This is a nice patio set very good price too awesome
krmills1 May 23, 2013
Very nice looking table and chair set, and a great price to boot!
dvinegrace83 May 23, 2013
I really like that this is folding so you can easily put it away so it doesn't get damaged by the sun or rain From being out there 24 7!
Nellysg May 23, 2013
Such a great find and deal!
erick99 May 23, 2013
I just put my glass table and broken umbrella into the bulk trash pickup pile and am looking for something affordable that looks nice and this may be it.
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Jazmine_ilene May 23, 2013
This is a very great price for this 7-piece set. Very nice find=]
littlexu May 23, 2013
Great price for 7 pcs Patio Dining Set. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
YesBoss May 23, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For 7-Piece Steel Sling Folding Patio Dining Set.
FibroMom May 23, 2013
What a GREAT deal! LOVE that the Umbrella and base are included! (They can cost that much by themselves!) Thanks! :)
seanvcxz May 23, 2013
This seems like a really nice set for under $100.
tpark6283 May 23, 2013
Awesome deal, I will tell the mr about this!
cid681 May 23, 2013
Nice deal for a set, just wish the umbrella were larger.
rd995 May 23, 2013
good deal for 7 pc i just need to set up the pool for the kids and im ready for summer
Dexterous May 23, 2013
Great price for the set, nice find ramana
branie May 23, 2013
Looks like a very nice table, chair and umbrella set for the price, thanks for code.
themoneyman1113 May 23, 2013
@branie Minus that umbrella and this would be perfect for us, in budget too.
ancagavs May 27, 2013
@branie the umbrella isn't included in the set?
branie May 27, 2013
Are you sure, it says it is included along with the base!!??