ACME Arcadia Recliner (4 Colors)

Arcadia Recliner Light Brown Microfiber Reclining Chair is only $169 at with free shipping on your order. Available in 4 different colors.

Also, Walmart has it for the same price.
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What's the matter?
tracei May 25, 2016
Not bad!
rob188 May 24, 2016
want one
summerwonder May 24, 2016
It looks a great chair. Don't know how it feels when you sit
tr1plication May 24, 2016
Back again
xptrish May 09, 2013
We recently had t out my husbands recliner on the curb for pick-up,this would make a good Fathers Day replacement gift
Dexterous May 09, 2013
Lowest price ever noted in amazon
Durr21 May 09, 2013
I love recliners I might invest in this make it my football seat lol
ucrual May 09, 2013
Good Reclining Chair, and the discount is by far the the greatest I ever seen on furniture!
branie May 09, 2013
I am always tossed with these type of deals, good price, not the best reviews, but the chair serves the purpose for most.
hija_ellen May 09, 2013
wow! what a huge price drop!
abu5692 May 09, 2013
WOW- Super -Great price. Nice for mother day gift
FibroMom May 09, 2013
WOW! I can't believe this dropped another $20.00! You can't beat this price delivered free on a recliner ANYWHERE! Great catch! :)
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kevin07 May 09, 2013
wow, $159 for a recliner?
alecupope May 07, 2013
wow, is this a real price drop? that was the actual price. the discount is HUGE!!
ancagavs May 07, 2013
looks like those from Friends of Joy and Chandler. I love those :)
zoneric May 07, 2013
I like the color. works with any other color around.
helloamy1977 May 06, 2013
It is a very low price but reading the reviews a lot of people are not happy after having the chair for a while.
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@helloamy1977 it depends on what you mean when you say "a while". like 1-2 weeks or 1-2 years?...
helloamy1977 May 07, 2013
Read the 1 and 2 star reviews
ramana_forums May 06, 2013
Great price for Recliner and with free shipping
shopange08 May 06, 2013
Wow awesome price for this comfy-looking chair! Especially considering shipping is free! Thanks
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@shopange08 shipping is free. but the discount on this chair is more than amazing.
cid681 May 06, 2013
Some spot reviews on it, but at this price it might be worth the risk.
YesBoss May 06, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For Microfiber Reclining Chair .
shimisi May 06, 2013
Awesome price for this. Made even better by the Free shipping.
EzzyLovesToSave May 06, 2013
SUPER price!...perfect for a Father's Day gift:)
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave I did not think of that, but you are right. it's a great gift idea.
poe601 May 06, 2013
Great chair and nice discount with free shipping too.
naturaldeal May 06, 2013
Comfortable, love to watch movie sitting here
kevin07 May 06, 2013
very good price for a recliner!
DealLeader May 06, 2013
Crazy good price for this. Thanks for sharing!
MrBklynW May 06, 2013
that is a awesome price for a recliner. very nice find!
DealLeader May 06, 2013
@MrBklynW We are in the market for one of these!
Dexterous May 05, 2013
great price drop for the incliner
blackfoot May 05, 2013
Great looking recliner at a good price.
krmills1 May 05, 2013
Great price for that chair, If I had room in my house I would buy one now!
rockinnrolla May 05, 2013
That's one nice looking chair for a low price! Nice find. :)
glwrks May 05, 2013
Huge price drop! I love the smaller size...and you can't beat free shipping on something that's 90 pounds!:)
Nellysg May 05, 2013
That's an awesome price drop.... Good find!
seanvcxz May 05, 2013
That's a crazy price cut for a chair of this quality. I have Amazon prime too so shipping would be free!
ancagavs May 07, 2013
@seanvcxz yes, it seems like very good quality and looks nice too.