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Alphabet Deal | Mosquito Bulb | Price : $8.00

About this Deal

Nothing wrecks an outdoor gathering like a bunch of biting bugs. Turn the tables on them with the Buzz Kill Bulb. Just screw it into any light socket, switch it on and it's lights out for flying, blood-sucking pests. An ultraviolet light lures them into contact with an electrical grid that zaps them away. Best of all, there's no messy, smelly chemicals to spray and no unsightly sticky traps to hang. Sorry to be a Buzz Kill, bugs, but the party's over.

What You Get

Buzz Kill Bulb
Instruction sheet

Good to Know

Place the Buzz Kill Bulb in a location where it will attract insects to the outer perimeter of activity areas, not to the center of them.
For best results, use the Buzz Kill Bulb continuously whenever possible (be sure to follow manufacturer's safety and cleaning instructions).
This product is intended for indoor and limited outdoor residential use only.
Do not expose Buzz Kill Bulb to water or use in open areas where it may come in contact with water.
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