Essential Home Over-the-Door 18 Pair Shoe Rack

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What's the matter?
xrjohn May 21, 2013
these are so very handy, really good price.
branie May 20, 2013
WOW $10 is not bad.This would give me an excuse to buy more shoes and not sure this is a good thing, lol.
sprouth28 May 20, 2013
I have one of these and so does my 4 year old. Great to keep from tripping over them. But as stated earlier, works best for smaller feet. Wouldn't recommend it for men (but no men I know have 18 pairs of shoes so should be okay!) I just let my husband borrow two spots on the top since had the most room lol.
shimisi May 20, 2013
This makes it only a dollar more than the cloth ones. Nice price, and 18 pairs should be sufficient, right??
MrBklynW May 20, 2013
this is a great deal. awesome find thanks!
hija_ellen May 20, 2013
nice item for space saving and organization especially for small room.
blackfoot May 19, 2013
Nice space saver, just hang it up in the closet.
tpark6283 May 19, 2013
Nice price to help get my shoes a little more organized, or my daughters! Thanks!
Durr21 May 19, 2013
Awesome deal my girlfriend would love to have this and her many shoes
dvinegrace83 May 19, 2013
I have this and it is awesome! I must say though that it isn't perfect because only my shoes fit on them and not my husbands big size 11 feet , also the door does not close when I hang it over but it is fine since it is just a laundry room anyway :) still a great deal and great SpaceSaver
bbattag May 19, 2013
This is a great space saver and a way to keep your shoes organized
themoneyman1113 May 19, 2013
These are great for space saving and organization, nice find and price.
krmills1 May 19, 2013
I might need to get two of these with all of the shoes we have lying around our house.
At0micAmbER May 19, 2013
Good price for a shoe rack.
FibroMom May 19, 2013
Nice price! I figure if I put one over every door in the house - I may be able to get my shoes off the floors! ;)
littlexu May 19, 2013
Great price for a 18 Pair Shoe Rack. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
chuckydealpl May 19, 2013
these racks are much better than the plastic bags that hang on the door
EzzyLovesToSave May 19, 2013
Now I can buy even MORE shoes:)
poe601 May 19, 2013
Great space saver and a good price with shop your way free shipping.
kimeeb May 19, 2013
My daughter could definitely use one of these.
YesBoss May 16, 2013
Good Price For Over-the-Door 18 Pair Shoe Rack .