Plush Extra Wide Recliner With Storage Arms

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500lb weight capacity
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What's the matter?
sly1960 Feb 25, 2013
wow nice chair with a good price tag would be nice to have one
krmills1 Jan 11, 2013
Very nice chair and I love the storage in the arms, I could put all my magazines in there and snacks.
dvinegrace83 Jan 11, 2013
omg looks so comfortable! i think my whole family could fit on that! hahah
Christine Jan 11, 2013
that looks soooooooo comfortable! so wide and cozy lookingg
Durr21 Jan 11, 2013
This chair looks so comfortable I would love this in my living room
dealio23 Jan 11, 2013
Oh man I could do some damage in this chair! Great deal
zoneric Jan 11, 2013
an excellent recliner. perfect for relaxin' and chilaxin'...
helloamy1977 Jan 11, 2013
Also good for reading a book to a child
alecupope Jan 11, 2013
excellent for some "me time" in front of the TV. I Love It!
ReturninVideoTps Jan 11, 2013
Wow this is almost a love seat. Tons of space. Can totally see watching a ton of football games from there
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alecupope Jan 11, 2013
yup, same thought here. perfect for watching sports with a beer in hand :D
omegafemale Jan 11, 2013
for the size of this chair, the shipping is reasonable as well ($32.99) because you save over $80 with the coupon! ;)
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MdavidK30 Jan 11, 2013
Thanks for the coupon idea!
ancagavs Jan 11, 2013
great for those days when coming tired from work. just perfect!
rockinnrolla Jan 11, 2013
I wouldn't mind sitting on this chair! Great price and find! :D
ancagavs Jan 11, 2013
I wouldn't mind either :) and it looks big to fit 2 people to cuddle :)
alecupope Jan 11, 2013
awesome recliner. looks like the one in Friends, but bigger :D
vimalr Jan 11, 2013
Looks like a good comfortable recliner. Nice price as well.
logosmartz Jan 11, 2013
seems pretty comfortable and portable.
tanush6 Jan 11, 2013
leather is good at all weather conditions..i love leather
tanush6 Jan 11, 2013
this would be a perfect recliner in the living room
MrBklynW Jan 11, 2013
wow that is nice and spacious looking recliner and a great price too. nice
blackfoot Jan 10, 2013
Nice recliner for 2 to snuggle up while watching a movie.
ivyzyy Jan 10, 2013
It must be wonderful to relax on it.
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Dexterous Jan 10, 2013
looks comfortable, good price too
poe601 Jan 10, 2013
Great price for the size and all the extras on this chair.
glwrks Jan 10, 2013
Whoa! Looks like that's ready for take-off! "Ladies & gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. Relax and enjoy your..."
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ancagavs Jan 11, 2013
I'm ready. "enjoy your relaxation time..."
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bbattag Jan 10, 2013
LOL that it supports up to 500lbs and is extremely wide.
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xptrish Jan 10, 2013
Supports up to 500-lbs.
• Extra-deep, extra-wide 22"W seat (18"H floor to seat)
• Easy-to-use pullback lever
• Storage compartments
• Cup holders in armrests
Gotta Love Cup Holders,now if there was a mini fridge I'd never have to get up!
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gangstabarbie Jan 10, 2013
this is perfect for movie night! thanks for the find!
tpark6283 Jan 10, 2013
A perfect chair for an inhome date night :)
xptrish Jan 10, 2013
oooh,this would be perfect for cuddling,that's if I would share it that is.I like it a lot.