Brylane Home Side Sofa Table

3/29 - back again

Free shipping with code: WW71939
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What's the matter?
FibroMom Mar 31, 2013
Super for snacking while watching TV! Thanks - nice price with the code - may just have to grab one! :)
nimase85 Mar 30, 2013
This seems like a really nice side table I will be sure to pass this on to everyone... Thanks for sharing
Dealprince Mar 30, 2013
a good novel idea, but i doubt it works fine at my home. i have the couches on top the carpet, so i think it will be difficult to move these tables freely
poe601 Mar 30, 2013
Love the design, great table to have for a decent price and free shipping.
zoneric Mar 30, 2013
cool price. and it's very practical to have one in the living room.
Mawhen Mar 30, 2013
This looks very pretty and would be a practical thing to have handy. Great price.
zoneric Mar 30, 2013
@Mawhen yup, I only think about that remote control. I never seem to have close when I need it.
alecupope Mar 30, 2013
looks very comfortable to have a table to put the tea cup and the remote :) and the price seems good too.
rockinnrolla Mar 30, 2013
This is one nice looking table at a HOT price. Thanks for the free shipping code. :)
blackfoot Mar 29, 2013
This would be nice to have on those lazy days when I just refuse to get out of bed.
cid681 Mar 29, 2013
What a clever design... doesn't work on the height of my futon unfortunately.
backspace Mar 29, 2013
Nice thought..seeing this for the first time and want to get one
Durr21 Mar 29, 2013
This is really cool never seen one of these before awesome deal
supermawmaw4 Mar 29, 2013
wow what a nice sofa table at a good price
mikhaila Mar 29, 2013
cute and a nice price. It looks pretty fancy and not just the usual boring side sofa table
themoneyman1113 Mar 29, 2013
Under $20 and free shipping is a great buy and this table looks nice.
s_m1978 Mar 29, 2013
Great....very useful..perfect price
ukaran Nov 19, 2012
Novel Idea and also very useful. So we should buy it immediately
solucky Nov 19, 2012
Looks nice. Thanks OP!
MrBklynW Nov 18, 2012
awesome price, it looks really nice
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aoobuu Nov 18, 2012
Great find. I like this deal and I'll share it with my friends.
dvinegrace83 Nov 18, 2012
much nicer than the sad little fold out ones you typically see..
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Dexterous Nov 18, 2012
Nice sofa table to have in bed
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Christine Nov 18, 2012
oh this is convenientt!!! and it looks pretty nice too!
abcgirl Nov 18, 2012
Yeah. Really a nice deal.
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FibroMom Nov 18, 2012
Great for snacks for the grandson when he comes over after school. I agree that it much nicer looking than most tables of it's kind.
arsiel Nov 18, 2012
Love the leafy design, makes it NOT an eye sore! Great price for this extra table :)
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Subha83 Nov 18, 2012
So cute like the design.Thanks for sharing.
shimisi Nov 18, 2012
Nice price for something that would be very handy for most homes.
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sweetangelxxo Nov 18, 2012
So cute...I have never seen one like this!! Good price too
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newjerseychickxo Nov 18, 2012
Great price for this table. I have seen these for much more before. Nice find.
boricua1 Nov 18, 2012
I love this..gonna get me a couple
seanvcxz Nov 18, 2012
Great idea! The way our living room is set up we don't really have room for end tables so this would be perfect!
poe601 Nov 18, 2012
I love the leaf design, good price with free shipping.
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chuckydealpl Nov 18, 2012
if the height was adjustable this would be perfect
blackfoot Nov 17, 2012
Nice bedside table, I see breakfast in bed in my future.
lilywow Nov 17, 2012
Looks very durable and a beautiful table
rd995 Nov 17, 2012
this is a nice table to put your laptop while watching tv its a good price too
tpark6283 Nov 17, 2012
Nice looking table and not a bad price to match :)
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naturaldeal Nov 18, 2012
i like this table, easy to use as well
MdavidK30 Nov 17, 2012
Excellent for those couches infront of the TV.
krmills1 Nov 17, 2012
I want one of these, since we have a sectional and don't have any end tables.