Sizzlin' Cool Kids Fabric Arm Chair with Carry Bag (BLUE or PINK)

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What's the matter?
Cherry123 Aug 01, 2012
This deal is really amazing i think, and i advise it to my friends, thank you very much!
Cherry123 Aug 01, 2012
Lenoir, thank you for sharing some cheap but good deals, wonderful!
s_m1978 Aug 01, 2012
I am going to buy both colors..cannot encourage kids fight for the chair.
This is awesome price.
arsiel Jul 31, 2012
I should forward this to my sister in law so that my niece and nephew can get the pink and blue one, respectively ;) It'd be perfect for fishing and/or fireworks!
shimisi Jul 31, 2012
Good price for a kids' chair. You can find adult-sized ones for about the same price but they'd be very low quality.
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MdavidK30 Jul 31, 2012
The one I had a few years back broke on me...
And Im not THAT heavy. LOL
MdavidK30 Jul 31, 2012
Is this a regular size or a much smaller kids' size?
Otherwise, this won't work for me...
As I do live near by the beach and never have a good beach chair, and those ones at the beach are too expensive!
rockinnrolla Jul 31, 2012
It's a small kids size chair.... Dang huh?
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dvinegrace83 Jul 31, 2012
such a good deal for a kiddie chair! i don't know why they're usually so expensive for those dinky little things. $5 is much more reasonable!
branie Jul 31, 2012
Excellent deal. Nice find. One pink and blue please :)
Subha83 Jul 31, 2012
Great deal.Good price to get one.Thanks for sharing.
mixter Jul 31, 2012
Great one with my shoprunner!
rd995 Jul 31, 2012
at this price they probably wont last thanks for posting
rd995 Jul 31, 2012
i meant they probably wont last before they sold out
rockinnrolla Jul 31, 2012
LOL :)
ReturninVideoTps Jul 31, 2012
Nice chair for the kids! Grab a few of these for under $20? Can't beat it
xiaoyuerlong Jul 31, 2012
zoneric Jul 31, 2012
little price and little chair. nice deal.
psplove Jul 31, 2012
This very good for going to beach..
MrBklynW Jul 30, 2012
This is a amazing price. too bad its for kids. i know my girl would like one in pink=P
blackfoot Jul 30, 2012
Nice chair at a good price. Take it to the beach, park or just outside for patio lounging.
shopange08 Jul 30, 2012
Wow REALLY nice price for these chairs!!! Perfect for lounging on the deck.. Great find!
newjerseychickxo Jul 30, 2012
Oh how adorable for a child,. at such a great price. Nice find.
krmills1 Jul 30, 2012
Very good price for this little chair!
tpark6283 Jul 30, 2012
Super cute and what a price...great find!! You never know when ur gonna need one!
boricua1 Jul 30, 2012
need to get this so my kids stop taking mines
EzzyLovesToSave Jul 30, 2012
"Goodness!...Gracious!...Great Balls of Fire!"...THIS is what I call a DEAL!
...and just for good measure!...PINK ALERT!...PINK ALERT!
rockinnrolla Jul 30, 2012
LOL "Great balls of fire"!!
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EzzyLovesToSave Jul 30, 2012
I knew that would wake you up!:)
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ancagavs Jul 31, 2012
So, who likes pink better? Ezzy or Rolla? If you don't mind me asking :)
rockinnrolla Jul 31, 2012
I love pink and purple both... I am guessing Ezzy loves it more. :)
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EzzyLovesToSave Jul 31, 2012
You got that right, chica!:)