Zero Gravity Chairs - Beige. - Black or Blue $91.99 (Pack of 2) | Overstock

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Mawhen Jan 26, 2013
Very good price for 2 chairs. Thanks for sharing!
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glwrks Jan 26, 2013
Further price reduction 1/26/13...$2 on beige, $3 on black or blue.
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newjerseychickxo Jan 26, 2013
Great Thanks glwrks
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mikhaila Jan 23, 2013
not a huge price drop but every dollar counts
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hemalaa Jan 23, 2013
Would be a good choice to have in backyard. Nice price as well.
ukaran Jan 23, 2013
This chair is more comfortable for Back Pain Patients like me Thanks for sharing this useful Deal
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lotuslove19 Jan 23, 2013
I have them in my garden and they are really nice.
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ivyzyy Jan 23, 2013
How wonderful it will be to have them in the garden!
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MrBklynW Jan 22, 2013
great price on gravity chairs. nice find!
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blackfoot Jan 22, 2013
Nice looking chairs and priced right for a set of 2.
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tpark6283 Jan 22, 2013
I love my chair like this, it's on its last leg so I might have to consider this package
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Dexterous Jan 22, 2013
cool looking gravity chairs, good for garden
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seanvcxz Jan 22, 2013
These are awesome! We use them all the time when we go camping. We actually bought a couple of these for my wife's parents for $75 a piece.
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themoneyman1113 Jan 22, 2013
I remember seeing these gravity chairs here at DP all last spring and summer, so many different styles and prices ranges on them. I do wonder if one brand is better then another though as I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for quality.
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glwrks Jan 22, 2013
I got these online last year. I "test drove" Truevalue's, which were also on sale at the time. I think I made a good choice. These seem a bit roomier & sturdier on that one comparison.
abu5692 Jan 22, 2013
Very good deal with this 2 Zero Gravity Chairs.
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newjerseychickxo Jan 22, 2013
Awesome price for the pair. Summer can't get here soon enough :) Nice fine.
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erick99 Jan 22, 2013
Very curious about these and the comment here at DP seem to indicate that people like them. Even a good price like this is a bit out of my budget for now but I would like to own one (or two).
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cid681 Jan 22, 2013
Great chairs, I used to sell them at Sharper Image when they were actually around and this is a fraction of the original prices for them!
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poe601 Jan 22, 2013
Great price for two and great color choices also.