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This is a great gamepad for retro and tablet gaming. The bluetooth pairing is simple and provides instant HID keyboard punch thru as follows:

jpad1 u/d/l/r = keyboard up/down/left/right
jpad2 u/d/l/r = i/k/j/l
dpad u/d/l/r = w/s/a/d
buttons 1/2/3/4 = 1/2/3/4
enter = keyboard enter
esc = keyboard escape
left near rudder = 5
left far rudder = 6
right near rudder = 7
right far rudder = 8

This downside to this controller is when you use two on one pc, the buttons have the same meaning/conflict. This actually worked out for drivers-ed mode whilst teaching my 6 year old boy how to play contra on NES with Nestopia.

Comes with built in battery, usb mini , usb wall adapter. Worth every bit of 25 bucks but 9.99, its a steal!
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