Nintendo Wii Console w/ New Super Mario Bros/ Music CD - Refurbished

Today Only! $10 Off! 4/30/12
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What's the matter?
MyPrecious May 14, 2013
There are great games for kids, great games for teenagers, great games for adults. I am really very pleased with how the Wii has held up and the game set available for it.
drewskidooo May 30, 2012
Great, I have been looking for one of these. And it looks like a good price too! Thanks for sharing!
zoneric May 03, 2012
i got thumbs down for speaking my mind...i don't know if you realize it, but the website isn't about us, who already know about all prices and deals. the website is for people coming here to find a DEAL. and a deal means an original price and a deal price. i am just saying, because i don't understand why my question got thumbs down since there's only one price on the page.

anyway, saw the prices. good deal.
nimase85 May 01, 2012
This seems like a pretty good deal... Has anyone ever bought anything from cow boom I have never bought anything from them and I have been wondering about them...
Hisgelt May 01, 2012
WOW thats an amazing deal wii for under $100 thats great
newjerseychickxo May 01, 2012
Awesome Price!!wow! is this for real? Thank you for the find
rockinnrolla May 01, 2012
Nice price on a Wii. I bought mine for $150 but wasn't Refurbished.
poe601 May 01, 2012
Amazing price for this, and free shipping makes it awesome!
ReturninVideoTps May 01, 2012
Really nice price for the Wii, and I do like the black one. much sleeker
benjamintran1906 May 01, 2012
brandnew at bestbuy same offer, $139.99 with free shipping. This is a good deal.
gangstabarbie May 01, 2012
The black packaging is so cool.. It's all about the packaging that appeals to customers
zoneric May 01, 2012
I don't know about original prices for this. so, if I don't see the original price, how can I know if this is a good deal or not?
kevin1979 May 01, 2012
Google? Amazon? You're already on the internet you know.
zoneric May 02, 2012
dude, i know i'm on the internet, but wouldn't be easier for people to see the original price as well? i mean, isn't this the point of once you get on the site, you should have all the info here. why see a price here and go to amazon or google and compare prices as long as this the point of using this website?
zoneric May 01, 2012
what's the original price for this?
mikhaila May 01, 2012
still a great price even though its refurbished!
kevin1979 Apr 30, 2012
Great deal. Most refurbs work very well. If you want peace of mind go with a Squaretrade warranty, which probably won't be much more than $10 on this I'm guessing.
blackfoot Apr 30, 2012
Great deal for a system and game. Very tempting.
encorez Apr 30, 2012
but for $60 more you get a brand new tank of gas.....refurb on used isn't a good deal. sorry.
wannabecool Apr 30, 2012
That is almost the price of a controller. Good deal. Tempting... very tempting... but I am going to have to pass.
branie Apr 30, 2012
Good deal. Refurbished or not I have not seen this cheaper then this..Thanks for sharing.
heyimdennise Apr 30, 2012
best price ive seen so far! nice find!
jasoned Apr 30, 2012
his is a great deal even if it is refurbished. It's the best price I've seen.
dvinegrace83 Apr 30, 2012
seriously! and it comes with all that stuff?! insanity
ReturninVideoTps Apr 18, 2012
Wow great deal! $100?
mattsterman7 Apr 18, 2012