Sony PlayStation 3 160GB for PlayStation 3 | GameStop

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What's the matter?
rkelly29 May 24, 2012
Too bad the ps4 is coming out soon :(
kumslee Apr 20, 2012
It came with a 2 free games for the same price on last black Friday.
Acidbaby Apr 21, 2012
Yeah its pretty amazing how this deal for the console only for $199 gets a plus 51 but there is a handful of other deals for the console plus a game for the same price but they are all at a +5.
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kumslee Apr 21, 2012
because it is fontpaged... not all front paged deals are good deals.
Acidbaby Apr 22, 2012
That made no sense. How do you think a deal gets on the front page?
kumslee Apr 22, 2012
I don't know... do you know?
kumslee Apr 22, 2012
The moderators picks the good deals to display them on Front Page.
dropslike Apr 20, 2012
only 199.9 dollars for playstation 3! This is a great price to bad I have one
arsenalfox Apr 20, 2012
awesome... looks like the price cut is happening before E3
themoneyman1113 Apr 20, 2012
Wow. These systems have gone done in price. Nice find. Thanks very much.
ReturninVideoTps Apr 20, 2012
Really great deal for a PS3, thanks!
deal Apr 20, 2012
Wow incredible price for the 160GB PS3 in New Condition. Don't believe I have ever seen it go for this price in the 160GB. Nice find.
Acidbaby Apr 20, 2012
It was $199 with 2 games all through the Christmas season.
deal Apr 20, 2012
Ahh sweet.. Wish i grabbed that deal. Thanks @Acidbaby
psplove Apr 20, 2012
It's time to get one now. thanks for sharing..
algologicinc Apr 20, 2012
Excellent offer
cocj21 Apr 20, 2012
very good price for game
Dexterous Apr 20, 2012
Good price for ps3. I have been looking for it
wonder Apr 19, 2012
I guess there's not better time to be lazy & simulate real world success on your 3D TV screen . good deal is what I mean
aznballa161 Apr 19, 2012
nice price for a ps3 160gb. good post. will send to some of my friends
blackfoot Apr 19, 2012
Very good price for a great gaming system.