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Nintendo Wii U announcement - Nintendo's next system

Release Date: Nov. 18, 2012 (only 66 days away)

Wii U will come in 2 options

Wii U Deluxe: - $349.99
*Wii U (Black) 32GB
*1 Wii U GamePad
*Wii U Gamepad stylus
*Wii U Gamepad Charging stand
*Wii U Gamepad stand
*Wii U Console upright stand
*Nintendo Land (included w/ the Premium)

*Digital Deluxe Promotion (more details later)

Wii U Basic: - $299.99
*Wii U (White) 8GB
*1 Wii U GamePad
*Wii U Gamepad stylus

Launch Day Titles:

*New Super Mario Bros. U
*Nintendo Land
*Lego City: Undercover
*Pikmin 3

Launch Day apps:
*Nintendo TVii

Christmas just got a lot more expensive! :)
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