216 5mm Magnetic Ball Puzzle Game - Puzzle Game for Creative People

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aznballa161 Apr 17, 2012
these are a lot of fun. this is a great deal, thanks for the find!
gangstabarbie Apr 17, 2012
I have never seen this?? I must live under a Rock :(
xichigox Apr 17, 2012
Everytime I see these things, I'm so tempted to buy!!
erick99 Apr 17, 2012
I've bought little ceramic magnets in different forms from places like graveyardmall, woot, etc. for years. They are a blast to play with. Most of them are ceramic so they crack and break with use but they are easy enough to replace. Lots of fun :)
xptrish Apr 17, 2012
Just a quick warning...KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL CHILDREN !

The first warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission came in 2007 following at least 33 cases of children swallowing loose magnets and requiring emergency surgery, and the death of a 20-month-old boy in Seattle, Washington.
liquidennis Apr 17, 2012
Nice deal. BTW a 6x6x6 cube as pictured is 216 magnets.
seanvcxz Apr 17, 2012
Bucky balls. I got some of these for xmas this past year. They are addicting!
watchguyny Apr 17, 2012
These are fun
ReturninVideoTps Apr 17, 2012
Decent deal for these. They're normally like $25
Dexterous Apr 17, 2012
This is good for spending some boring moment. Thanks.
dropslike Apr 17, 2012
this is a great Magnetic Ball Puzzle Game perfect for my little sister I'll tell mom
maxjason Apr 16, 2012
MrBklynW Apr 16, 2012
Awesome price, i love these magnetic balls=D
maven3 Apr 16, 2012
My brothers have these and they are pretty amusing to play with. Just be warned to keep them away from little kids, they can cause SERIOUS issues if swallowed.
arsiel Apr 16, 2012
My friend loves these things & makes really interesting figures with them!
I usually find them on ThinkGeek.com for around $30 per set. 216 seems to be a lot more than normal though