Android Market - $0.10 App Sale

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What's the matter?
demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
It appears Google is getting ready to update the list for the new day (today). I see 7 (so far) new apps dropped to $0.10 that aren't yet highlighted in the Market banner ad. They are...

Beautiful Widgets
AirSync by doubleTwist
Christmas HD
Flick Golf!
Fruit Ninja
Read It Later Pro
Reckless Racing
Star Chart

I'm sure the other 3 will come out soon, but make sure you snatch up yesterday's 10 apps (the ones featured above on this page) before they go bye-bye
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demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
And a note to SnowLeopard, AppBrain doesn't yet have any of these prices. The moral is, you can't trust the prices you see on AppBrain.
demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
UPDATE: Google has updated their banner ad ( ) to point to the new apps. It looks like, for now at least, yesterday's apps are still $0.10 though.
kimeeb Dec 07, 2011
SnowLeopard Dec 07, 2011
Go to for easier android market app searches. It allows rankings by rating, price, recent price drops, etc.. I do most of my app searching on there.
demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
Except appbrain doesn't always show the right prices, ESPECIALLY when a sale is going on. For evidence, 4 out of the 10 apps listed are priced incorrectly on appbrain.
demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
Why would you link to just one of the apps instead of the page with all of them?
demarcmj Dec 07, 2011
And by "link to just one" I mean the main link for the deal. I obviously see all the individual links underneath.
windy150 Dec 06, 2011
Thanks for looking into it! I'm lucky!
airlinesinc Dec 06, 2011
Full list here
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Boo_Radley Dec 06, 2011
Thanks for looking into it. I was using my PC, and for some reason it never entered my mind to interface via the phone app. Good call.
theonewho Dec 06, 2011
I don't see a way to sort by price either, but when I go to the market on my phone or in the web browser I see a banner or whatever for 10 days of offers that are 10 cents each. Click on that and you should see what's available (if on computer you might need to scroll left or right to see that particular one).

A couple more 10 cent apps are:

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO
Color & Draw for kids:phone

And it sounds like there will be more in the future. I don't know if this is the first day, but if it is then there should be 9 more days of this!
Boo_Radley Dec 06, 2011
Can you sort apps by price in the Android Market? I'm curious if there are more $0.10 apps.
ragingwookiee Dec 06, 2011
I took a quick look earlier and couldn't find a sort method by price. I'll take another look and let you know if I find anything.
megamac125 Dec 07, 2011
There isn't and it's by design. A source at Google stated that they weren't making enough money on apps, so they left the feature out in hopes that people would be more likely to buy more expensive app over a free or cheaper one.