Best Buy | $40 Gift Card with 2 Select Video Games

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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Dec 10, 2012
This is an awesome deal! nice find!
Dexterous Dec 09, 2012
two video games worth 120 bucks here, $50 off means $70 for two, and $35 per pcs. Well, i smell christmas deal now
jeepeo Dec 09, 2012
I like playing games with my young brother. Wanna buy one.
tpark6283 Dec 09, 2012
Thanks! I will see if my brother likes any of these
shimisi Dec 09, 2012
Interesting deal. Wish they were priced lower, like in the $20-$30 range :D
rd995 Dec 09, 2012
Nice to see that the link was fixed because it was only showing 15 games when first posted not all 36
ukaran Dec 09, 2012
Video Game entertainment with with $40 gift card tempts me very much to buy the product
branie Dec 09, 2012
Thanks, I will see what these select games are and if they fit anyone on my shopping list, $40 gift card is worth a peek :)
Acidbaby Dec 09, 2012
Just be aware that you can buy most of these games today for $40 which would be $80 if you bought 2. The same price if you bought 2 at BB minus the $40 gift card.
Acidbaby Dec 09, 2012
Also there are other deals such as Amazons deal on Halo 4 for $39.99 and you get $10 in amazon instant video credit.
branie Dec 09, 2012
Thanks, I will keep all of that in mind Acidbaby :)
Acidbaby Dec 09, 2012
Far Cry is about the only game available that you cant get for $40 right now and skip the hassle of having to get a BB gift card and just save the $40 by purchasing at Amazon.
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