Convertible Trampoline & Pool | 2 in 1

Two-in-one fun! Simply flip to convert this inflatable toy from a bouncer to a pool. There's no need to remove the pool liner or lace the jumper floor: Both remain in place permanently, so it's easy to switch from one to the other. It's even outfitted with a drainage valve to simplify emptying the pool.
15'' H x 72'' diameter
Swimming pool: 45'' diameter
Trampoline jumping surface: 50'' diameter
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What's the matter?
mdgirl May 06, 2013
too bad i have to login to see it. nice find
xptrish May 06, 2013
@mdgirl st a free site,you can register if yu want,they have a lot of great items.
ancagavs Apr 28, 2013
I want a trampoline. seems like a lot of fun.
MrBklynW Apr 28, 2013
lols very good item. nice find!
Christine Apr 27, 2013
hhmmm cool idea ...2-in-1s are always great deal! the trampoline version makes me a little nervous...doesnt look the safest...
xptrish Apr 27, 2013
@Christine that sounds like something I would say,I'm a real worrier,but nothing a few foam mats wouldn't solve!
Christine Apr 29, 2013
@xptrish hahah ah i really like the way you think!
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glwrks Apr 27, 2013
Love it! Ingenious! Something to be said for someone using their noggin & making this dual purposed:)
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erick99 Apr 27, 2013
Very cool idea and a great price too. I guess I'd be a little worried about bouncing out into the yard but this is for little ones.
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 27, 2013
What a unique item!...super price too:)
Durr21 Apr 27, 2013
This is very cool wish I had this as a kid
Jlowry Apr 27, 2013
this is awesome.I've never seen anything like this. I wonder how durable is it? I would be afraid for it to pop
Brentheriot Apr 27, 2013
TY! I've been keeping an eye on this, hoping to stumble on a good price drop. Any toys that are multi-use are OK by me. Saves space, money, & more activity.
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LokaFreeThings2 Apr 27, 2013
Oh wow this looks like fun! I could get it for my niece;)
rockinnrolla Apr 27, 2013
My kids would love this! Super find.
littlexu Apr 27, 2013
Great deal with 2 fun. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
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blackfoot Apr 27, 2013
Cool, 2 fun summer play things in one.
WideAnglePhoto Apr 27, 2013
perfect gift for a toddler!!! Great deal too, thanks for sharing!
FibroMom Apr 27, 2013
Very Cool! I can see the grandkids really enjoying this 2 in 1 toy this Summer! Thanks - fun deal! :)
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naturaldeal Apr 27, 2013
nice pool, i like it
shimisi Apr 26, 2013
Am I the only one that thinks they made a huge mistake not calling this "The Trampooline"?
ancagavs Apr 28, 2013
@shimisi I'm with you...I like the idea, a cool one!
supermawmaw4 Apr 26, 2013
Wow this is really neat for any small child
ancagavs Apr 28, 2013
@supermawmaw4 and for grown ups too I think. I don't mind having one :)
Nvaldera Apr 26, 2013
This looks awesome for the pool! Great deal!
deal Apr 26, 2013
Wow this looks like so much fun. Going to grab this. Love the size of it. :)
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jkbane Apr 26, 2013
My toddler would have a blast with this. Perfect for the small living space we have now.