Dance Central 2 Xbox 360 Game for Kinect

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Mar 21, 2012
I don't understand! I didn't get a duplicate message!
Mar 21, 2012
not all deals gets the duplicate message, since there are so many different urls but linking to the same item.

What i always do is, if i know its a good deal, i'll search for the item first before i post

example: search for key words of the deal (seems easier for me but not more accurate) or you use this format to search within a specific store in the search bar (site:storename keyword)

ex. site:ebay skullcandy

why searching helps the site? reduces clutter on, mods workload, and not taking credit for someone who has originally posted the deal first.

some sites you might not need to search:
...i think theres more but its not coming to mind=P

anysways, thats your little lesson of duplicates

Take Care gangstabarbie=D
Mar 21, 2012
thank you Mr.Bklyn- you explained it well.

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