Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool with Active Leveling Advantage

Preschoolers will explore a supportive learning environment in a roadside pit stop off the highway near Mickey's home. While interacting with Mickey and his friends, kids discover over 20 learning skills. The software is based on the Active Learning Method, which encourages kids to explore, discover, and create while they learn. The product enhances memory, listening, and observation skills as well as inspires creativity and imagination.
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What's the matter?
Subha83 Feb 06, 2013
I will get one for my younger one.Nice price.
LoveSweet Feb 06, 2013
Soon as my little cousin saw this after popping in the CD she went crazy!
gangstabarbie Feb 06, 2013
i am all for learning educational toys. thanks
hemalaa Feb 06, 2013
great price would like to give this one a try.
Christine Feb 06, 2013
nice price drop! great buy for those with kids!!!
alecupope Feb 06, 2013
I love Mickey. Everyone loves Mickey. I'll love Mickey when I'm 80, if I live that long :D
rockinnrolla Feb 06, 2013
My daughter would love this! Perfect for winter time!
zoneric Feb 06, 2013
I love Mickey. and it's great that it comes with learning stuff.
alecupope Feb 06, 2013
I love Mickey too. my favorite characters as a kid. but I don't see them as much on TV.
ancagavs Feb 06, 2013
a very good price drop. I like Mickey. I grew up watching Mickey cartoons.
zoneric Feb 06, 2013
me too. I watched Mickey every day when I had the chance.
comery Feb 06, 2013
Great price drop!
MrBklynW Feb 05, 2013
this is great price, thanks for sharing!
dvinegrace83 Feb 05, 2013
My daughter has recently fallen in love with Minnie and Mickey. I'm glad this is educational too! she'll love this!
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ancagavs Feb 06, 2013
I guess Mickey and Minnie are popular and will always be popular, not matter the age.
dvinegrace83 Feb 06, 2013
NOt sure if i just personally gained more interest in them when i had my own kids, but I swear they've had a recent boost in popularity!
mikhaila Feb 05, 2013
this is really good! My kids love Mickey a great way to learn and for an affordable price! thanks
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alecupope Feb 06, 2013
everybody loves Mickey, even if they're 5 or 50 years old.
nimase85 Feb 05, 2013
I used to love these kinds of things when I was a kid (i might have been a little dorky lol) I will be sure to pass this great deal along
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ancagavs Feb 06, 2013
I used to like this when I was a kid too. doesn't mean we were dorks :)
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blackfoot Feb 05, 2013
Good learning game for kids, Disney has great items.
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jeepeo Feb 05, 2013
Buy for nephew. Thanks OP!
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zoneric Feb 06, 2013
your nephew will love this. I was thinking of buying this for my niece.
Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
Disney is forever young, nice find
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zoneric Feb 06, 2013
true. Disney is as popular today as it was 10 years ago or 20 years ago.
Mawhen Feb 05, 2013
Great price on this! My youngest grandson will love it!
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alecupope Feb 06, 2013
he sure will love it. everyone loves Mickey ...