KidKraft Firehouse Bookcase

Free order to store (locations in the Midwest US) or $10.00 shipping to your home.
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What's the matter?
zoneric Mar 13, 2013
it's a perfect firehouse bookcase as a gift. thanks!
ukaran Mar 13, 2013
Beautiful, very attracting Design and Great Price Drop. These factors tempts me to buy one. Nice deal.
zoneric Mar 13, 2013
@ukaran if you have someone to give it as a gift or have a son ,this is perfect.
rockinnrolla Mar 13, 2013
OMG this bookcase is super cool! Perfect for a little boy's room. :)
dealio23 Mar 13, 2013
This is an adorable bookcase! Awesome price too. Gonna forward this deal for sure, thanks!
dvinegrace83 Mar 12, 2013
Looks so much like a kidkraft kitchnette we used to have. All the kids loved that thing, and it was great quality
blackfoot Mar 12, 2013
Neat looking bookcase, wish I the grandkids had room for this.
Christine Mar 12, 2013
wow this is pretty nice! i like it a lot actually..and great price!
arsiel Mar 12, 2013
Match this up with a firetruck bed and you're good to go! :P This would be pretty awesome for a kid's room.
zoneric Mar 13, 2013
@arsiel my thoughts too. great for a kid's room if we add the bed.
tanush6 Mar 12, 2013
i love the bright colors, the book case is sure to ignite the curiousness of little ones
tanush6 Mar 12, 2013
why should kids have all the fun. this is a very novel idea
zoneric Mar 13, 2013
@tanush6 you wanna have fun too? you can buy one and we can play together :D lol
backspace Mar 12, 2013
Very attractive design..Looks great
shimisi Mar 12, 2013
Very creative design for a bookcase. Maybe it'll draw kids to it and make them read more :)
glwrks Mar 12, 2013
Shipping to me is $16.98. It's such a huge price drop though, I'll still pass along to some (hubby is a fireman) friends with a toddler.
Christine Mar 12, 2013
@glwrks oh wow that shipping is kind of ridiculous!
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glwrks Mar 12, 2013
@Christine yeah, I ship at work, and the costs keep rising:(
Jazmine_ilene Mar 12, 2013
This is pretty neat. It will be perfect for my niece and nephew. thanks
zoneric Mar 13, 2013
@Jazmine_ilene just one for both? I think they'll fight over it...
lilbigace360 Mar 12, 2013
This is so cool Never seen anything like this before. I love the style of it. nice find
LindaKNor Mar 12, 2013
Great price. Kids will love it.
Mawhen Mar 12, 2013
So cute! Awesome price drop, too!
ancagavs Mar 12, 2013
the price drop is very very good. a great find :)
dropslike Mar 11, 2013
Indeed it is a Bookcase that will enjoy very beautiful my niece. I will buy.
MrBklynW Mar 11, 2013
this looks awesome, didn't think its was a bookcase but i like the idea. nice find
xptrish Mar 11, 2013
what a great design! I love it,much better than the regular run of the mill ones you see in the store.Even for the $10 shipping it's so worth it....going to check it out and see the dimensions and all,thanks for the great post.
ancagavs Mar 12, 2013
@xptrish I love the design too. and comes at a great price. gift idea :)