Leapster Explorerâ„¢ Camera and Video Recorder

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What's the matter?
shimisi Jan 07, 2013
Quite a nice price for this. Am seeing free shipping on orders over $60.
Jaze66 Jan 07, 2013
Never saw an option for free shipping.
helloamy1977 Jan 07, 2013
Do you have a code for free shipping??
mnvikings11 Jan 06, 2013
I think we have this, I will have to ask the wife.
Dexterous Jan 06, 2013
is this toys for kids? good for the value
nimase85 Jan 06, 2013
This is a great price for a camera and video recorder add on for a Leapster Explorer handheld... Thanks for sharing
aznballa161 Jan 06, 2013
really great deal. this are great for kids just getting used to technology
mikhaila Jan 06, 2013
this is such a great deal wow! thanks so much for sharing
YesBoss Jan 06, 2013
Kids Will Love These Attachments, thanks for sharing.
dvinegrace83 Jan 06, 2013
gasp! both my kids have leapster explorers and i know they've been wanting this! thanks!
tnglm003 Jan 06, 2013
Attachment/Accessory Only. This attachment turns the Leapster Explorer Learning Game System (sold separately) into a handheld digital camera and video recorder. Only for use with the Leapster Explorerâ„¢ handheld (sold separately). I am reading this as an attachment only.
tnglm003 Jan 06, 2013
This is still a great deal for this attachment.
bbattag Jan 06, 2013
This is a great price. Leapster makes excellent products for helping kids develop skills
mehome Jan 06, 2013
this price is just for the camera,explorer handheld game is sold seperate.
ancagavs Jan 06, 2013
I'm not sure exactly what this can be used for. but it's a great price.
alecupope Jan 06, 2013
looks very nice. the price drop is huge.
Nellysg Jan 06, 2013
Great deal
ukaran Jan 06, 2013
I will get one for my Grand son. Cheap and Nice Find