Origin Spring Sale - 50% OFF Video Games Sitewide

Origin Spring Sale
Get 50% Off Storewide

For one week only, Origin is trimming back prices on games storewide – which means you can grow your game library for a whole lot less.

Valid Through 3/19/2012
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What's the matter?
Ubertam Mar 13, 2012
"Site-wide" meaning in all areas of the site. Not every title is 50% off. Boooo.
MrBklynW Mar 12, 2012
Some really good deals. Thanks for posting wookiee!
Acidbaby Mar 12, 2012
Its essentially like comparing Forza to Need For Speed. With BF3 being Forza and CoD being NFS.
MrBklynW Mar 12, 2012
lols so true!
Jaymoon Mar 12, 2012
Sweet! Free 3-4 day shipping too!
gangstabarbie Mar 12, 2012
Ok can someone tell my why this game is so special? Is it like another call of duty game??
heyimdennise Mar 12, 2012
Its kinda like it.. I own this game and I can honestly say call of duty is waaaaaaay better!
gangstabarbie Mar 12, 2012
Thanks for your input. Maybe I will rent it first to see if I like it. That I can decide which is better ;)
bledsoenc Mar 12, 2012
They're different games. BF3 has maps that are several square miles, 64 person support on PC, jets, helicopters, tanks, etc. It's more team-based and generally targets mature players. COD is more FPS, twitch style gaming where although you're on a team, it's really every man for himself with a race to the top. I prefer BF3, along with hundreds of thousands of others.
ChocoLatte Mar 13, 2012
I actually think that BF3 is better. You can use tanks, choppers etc. in online multiplayer. The only thing I don't like are the crappy servers on Bf3. The campaign is lovely too. Small details like your control vibrating when the wind blows makes it great
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