BestBuy | One Cent Game Guides

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What's the matter?
additc Jan 27, 2013
nice. thanks.
ukaran Jan 27, 2013
Very useful Game guides. Nice Find
blackfoot Jan 26, 2013
real good deal on game guides, need to check them out.
shimisi Jan 26, 2013
Darn it. None of them are available near me. Good luck to the rest of you :)
audiocracy Jan 26, 2013
I wonder if my ups guy would get pissed off if I bought 100 of these.
audiocracy Jan 26, 2013
Nevermind...pickups only.
shimisi Jan 26, 2013
Thanks for the heads up. Wish they had a couple other titles with this deal :D
branie Jan 26, 2013
One penny, are these games any good? For a penny I guess I can at least check it out. thanks
hemalaa Jan 26, 2013
I believe these are only the game guides nor the original games.
branie Jan 26, 2013
I see thanks for pointing that out, I am not a gamer at all. lol, I'm surprised my nephew didn't tell me that I sent him this deal.
branie Jan 26, 2013
lol, I get a thumbs down for not being down with the video gamers lingo, yikes..Sorry if I offended anyone ;)
seanvcxz Jan 26, 2013
Can't complain about 1 cent games. At this price you might as well buy all you can!
zacharyzblewski Jan 27, 2013
These are guidebooks, not games.
rd995 Jan 25, 2013
i wonder why they only charging 1 cent instead of giving it out for free
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MrBklynW Jan 25, 2013
lols they had to make that 1 cent=P

well 1 cent or free they just trying to make you pick it up at the store for those impose buys.
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rd995 Jan 25, 2013
well thats true and you might end up buying another game along with this guide