RTF 3.5 Channel Remote Control RC Helicopter with Gyro 3.5CH Pink infrared Heli

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What's the matter?
seanvcxz Jan 29, 2013
These are wicked fun to play with, but they are hard as heck to fly without cashing violently.
zoneric Jan 29, 2013
looks great. I love the pink. perfect as a gift for a girl.
ancagavs Jan 29, 2013
oh my, a pink helicopter. it surely caught my attention. nice find!
ukaran Jan 29, 2013
My Grand Son love and play with this Kit. Thanks for sharing
dvinegrace83 Jan 28, 2013
ditto on the pink! obviously trying to appeal to girls right??? that or it was a failed attempt to sell pink helicopters so now they're trying to get rid of it! hhaha!
nimase85 Jan 28, 2013
This seems like a really good price for this helicopter and i luv the fact that it is pink I will be sure to pass it on
YesBoss Jan 28, 2013
Nice find, kids will love this toy. Its very good price .
additc Jan 28, 2013
I bet this got frontpaged just for its color.
additc Jan 28, 2013
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 28, 2013
You know what's comin, don't you MrB?....PINK ALERT!...PINK ALERT!
SUPER price!...gotta get 3 for the granddaughters:)
helloamy1977 Jan 29, 2013
Pink is my favorite color ...theres something about it that draws my eyes to whatever it is and then I have to have it.
Dexterous Jan 28, 2013
ha ha, cute , gift for a baby girl. Nice
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FibroMom Jan 28, 2013
It's about time we see a pink helicopter! Girls just want to have fun... sorry didn't mean to break into song... LOL! Perfect to get myself so my hubby won't try to steal it! ;)
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shimisi Jan 29, 2013
You know, there is still no guarantee that he won't try. :)
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FibroMom Jan 29, 2013
True - but we will sure make fun of him if we catch him! ;)
shimisi Jan 29, 2013
LoL. That in itself is worth $23. Great deal, for sure!
austin38 Jan 28, 2013
Nice find! I absolutely love playing with these helicopters...although I'm not very good at it :(
rockinnrolla Jan 28, 2013
Never have I seen a pink helicopter before... PINK ALERT PINK ALERT!!! Nice find and price! :D
LindaKNor Jan 28, 2013
I haven't seen one, either. My nieces have the perfect high ceiling for this. Thanks for sharing.
Brentheriot Jan 28, 2013
I've never seen a PINK 'copter. I know a couple girls who always beg to fly their brother's, this is perfect
Christine Jan 28, 2013
isn't this pink one soo cute?! i'm really liking this