South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox360

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Platform: Xbox 360

Epic South Park Adventure: Jump into the world of South Park like you never have before with a game directly from the show?s creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Signature South Park Combat: Team up with the South Park boys and other notable characters from the South Park universe to battle the forces evil
You are the Hero: Create a character in your image and choose how to lead the South Park boys to victory
Eric 'Not-fat-just-big-boned' Cartman will act as the player's guide and provide a choice of five classes to pick from: Adventurer, Rogue, Paladan, Wizard, and an undisclosed fifth class "made up" by Cartman.
Players will assume the role of a new kid in South Park attempting to fit in and be accepted by others. The game opens with the new kid taking part in a live action role-playing game that quickly snowballs into a real quest
The character will be fully customisable and has a smartphone used to track friends and standing with the town's various factions.
The main character will be a silent protagonist, a choice made based on Parker's preferences.
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