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DIY Super!

There are a lot of really cool super heroes out there. Superman, faster than a speeding bullet! Spider-man, swinging fearlessly from building to building! Human Torch -- man on fire! But do you know the coolest superhero out there? We mean the best, the one no that is so epic that everyone fears to say his name? It's the one designed by you!

This Create Your Own Super-Hero Kit allows you to think of the coolest superhuman possible and make him real. The kit comes with a variety of bodies, heads, capes, masks and paints to help you bring your creativity to life. The only thing we ask? Please build in some super cool powers. Flying, X-ray vision, controlling the weather, claws that pop out of your hands, those have all been done. How awesome would it be to make pizzas appear from thin air? Or to make homework disappear from thin air? That would be sweet.

Product Specifications

For Ages 8 years and Up
WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts. Not for children under 3.
Build your own superhero with this DIY kit
All the parts you need are included in the box
3 articulated base bodies (4" tall)
5 heads with different mask and hair configurations
2 pairs of spare hands
2 capes, 2 brushes
6 plastic jars of paint
1 decal sheet
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