Walmart | Bikes from $49 + Free Shipping

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What's the matter?
additc May 30, 2013
Wal-Mart bikes are bikes too,I guess
rockinnrolla May 30, 2013
Tis the season for a bike ride! I LVOE the free shipping. :)
vedanup May 29, 2013
What frame size bike should I buy for my wife? She is 5'1" tall and weighs 105lbs. Should I go for 26" frame "Womens" bike or 18/20" "Girls" bike?
Kritsy May 29, 2013
I have to upgrade my kids bicycle, they grow so fast!
wzhenwei May 29, 2013
Great sale! Thanks for sharing it!
themoneyman1113 May 14, 2013
Buying bikes as been on our list of things to do, for years now :--) Someday. Until then we walk.
poe601 May 14, 2013
Great round up of bikes for the whole family.
shimisi May 14, 2013
Always nice to see nice bikes priced under 100 bucks. Thanks for the post.
rockinnrolla May 14, 2013
Nice round up! Thanks for sharing. :)
lotuslove19 May 14, 2013
I am going to get a bike for my grand daughter's birthday.thanks for the news.
MrBklynW May 14, 2013
wow this is a great round up. thanks!
shopange08 May 13, 2013
Definitely been wanting to do some more biking. Thanks!
Dexterous May 13, 2013
good roundups thanks for the sale
blackfoot May 13, 2013
Nice round up of bikes, some good prices.
backspace May 13, 2013
I bought a bike from Walmart last year..its still running..check the assembly thoroughly before you take it home
WideAnglePhoto May 13, 2013
Great roundup! Nice work and thanks for the share on this timely sale price!! :)
dvinegrace83 May 13, 2013
I got my bike super cheap at Walmart once upon a time and it served its purpose and hardly put a dent in my wallet :)
mdgirl May 09, 2013
I bought this last year and its a pain to go uphill.