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It’s bugs … vs. tanks! What more could you want? Bugs vs. Tanks! is now available in the #eShop on Nintendo #3DS

From the creator of the MEGA MAN series and many other hit titles, BUGS vs. TANKS! is a new take on the survival action genre.

When a panzer squad from the battlefields of World War II is shrunk to the size of a bug, they find themselves engaged in intense battles with the insects as they fight to return to normal size.
-over 30 World War II chassis and turrets pulled straight from the history books
-customize your Tank with over 80 types of paint and styles.
-Engage with up to four friends in CO-OP missions via local wireless play
-call on friends tanks for friendly cover fire via StreetPass!
-Fight across terrains from grassy fields to murky swamps, choosing your difficulty and firing style for maximum accessibility.
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