Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition Bullseye Pro Bundle Nintendo Switch 00042

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Zone in on your prey with Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition bundle for the Nintendo Switch. Factor in range, scent and stalking ability to shoot accurately, and collect a variety of equipment to build your arsenal, including bows, side arms and scents. Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition bundle includes a gun-shaped controller for more accurate play.


This bundle includes Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition and a Bullseye Pro peripheral

Multiple modes allow you to jump right in or play for hours at higher levels of difficulty. Cabela's: The Hunt offers modes for both casual and dedicated players - Quick Hunt, Season Hunt, and Cabela's Challenges

Added authenticity: once the hunter finds the target, many factors come into play before pulling the trigger - range, scent, stalking ability and more

Select the appropriate weapons, supplies, and gear to successfully stalk your prey

The arsenal includes rifles, shotguns, side arms, and bows as well as a wide variety of calls, scents, blinds, decoys, scopes, an ATV and state-of-the-art GPS mapping technology to aid in your hunt

Hunt whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and moose

There are also Legendary Animals in each region - coveted trophies, including King of Bucks (Bass Pro Shops collection of record-size whitetail bucks), deer, bears, cougars, coyotes, wolves, boars, bighorn sheep, turkeys, ducks and more

10 beautiful, realistic, expansive environments to explore, each filled with a variety of prey, dangerous animals, hidden landmarks, and fun quick-action missions

Hunting locations include Washington, Georgia, Wyoming, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, Alberta, and Alaska

For one player and multiplayer support
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