Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (3DS)

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Defend the universe against the Manhunters as the Green Lantern Corps newest recruit, Hal Jordan
Features the voice and likeness of Ryan Reynolds, star of the Green Lantern motion picture
Protect the Guardians of the Universe from the android race of Manhunters who are out to destroy the Guardians
se your specially crafted Green Lantern Power Ring to create hard-light weapons, including a gatling gun, giant fists and more, or link them together to form super weapons
Take part in intergalactic battles as you dodge, blast and destroy enemy androids
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Comments (3)

Impostor (L1)
Jan 13, 2013
Nice im in for one!
austin38 (L5)
Jan 13, 2013
anyone know if this is a good game?? i love the idea..but the movie was not good at all..
shimisi (L5)
Jan 13, 2013
Very nice price for a DS game. Will check if a friend's kid already has it :) Thanks.

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