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The uDraw GameTablet comes to your Xbox 360 & PS3 video game consoles this fall! The only creative tool of its kind, the uDraw GameTablet offers endlessly imaginative gameplay, new functionality and hands-on fun including:
•High Definition
Utilizing the full capacity of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, users can play, draw, print, and share their creations in HD.
•Touch Screen Creativity
From pinch-and-stretch zooming to free-form finger-painting, the uDraw GameTablet responds directly to your touch.
•Built-In Controller Functions
Xbox 360 and PS3 controls are directly integrated into the uDraw, eliminating the need to dock a controller.
•Tilt Functionality
Tilt, shake and jump through games with enhanced tilt and motion features.
•Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
The uDraw stylus offers 256 points of pressure sensitivity, providing amazing freedom to bring your creations to the screen in detail.
•Wireless Play
Players will connect and create from the comfort of their favorite spot with wireless interaction between the uDraw and their game console.
•Center-Docked Stylus
Designed with both right-handed and left handed artists and game players in mind, the uDraw features a stylus attached to the center of the tablet.

uDraw’s debut on Xbox 360 & PS3 comes packaged with the all-new version of the uDraw Studio creativity suite. From artists of all ages to art styles that are classic or street-inspired, uDraw GameTablet and uDraw Studio: Instant Artist offer limitless variety and infinite ways to play. Take a look below and interact with the uDraw to find out more!

Bundled Components: uDraw Tablet
Video Game Condition: New
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Platform: Xbox 360
Publisher: THQ
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