1 lb Hunters Reserve Roadkill Summer Sausage - delivers some eats... from the streets!

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No crow food, it's a highway buffet! OK, so maybe this Roadkill Summer Sausage from Hunters Reserveā„¢ didn't exactly find itself on the business end of a truck grille.

But the tasty mix of exotic meats inside is a delicious blend of the sort of critters you might see taking their chances crossing the road when they shouldn't. The end result is a seriously scrumptious snack that will really turn heads when put out with the cheese and crackers!

A perfectly seasoned, fully-cooked blend of Wild Boar, Venison, Elk, Antelope, Rabbit and Beef
Great conversation piece
Fun packaging. Weighs 1 lb.
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What's the matter?
rockinnrolla Aug 28, 2013
SUPER price!
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glwrks Jul 10, 2013
$5.01 Price drop!
dealio23 Feb 10, 2013
Wow just for the name I am plussing this! Hilarious description too! :D
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FibroMom Feb 10, 2013
Roadkill Summer Sausage (LOVE IT!) - put this with a 6-pack of beer and you have a "7 Course Meal" down here in Alabama! ;) What cute Easter Basket fillers these will make! :) Thanks! :)
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glwrks Feb 10, 2013
Lol! What's for dessert - road apples? You're welcome...I think;)
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FibroMom Feb 10, 2013
LOL! Roadkill is a Southern Delicious... An opossum and a 6 pack... perfect date food. ;)
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glwrks Feb 10, 2013
My son processes game for others...he had a recent road kill to do...eww!