6 Bottles of Wine for $35.94 + $0.01 Shipping

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What's the matter?
machaan Jul 01, 2012
Bad news bears-didn't anyone check the yelp reviews? Looks like they are trying to get rid of bad wine batches-first through groupon and now here!
deal Jun 30, 2012
yeah this is a great deal to try out some new wines.. i'm going to give these wines a shot.. :)
drewskidooo Jun 30, 2012
This is a wonderful deal, thanks for posting it!
erong22 Jun 30, 2012
Read this before you even think about buying this wine.

MePlus Jul 01, 2012
Thank you for providing a link to a website with actual reviews. Reading that helped me. And more importantly, why is it that I can't "like" your post? It does not let me click on the thumbs up.
zoneric Jun 30, 2012
I enjoy the 0.01 shipping. Excellent find.
Dexterous Jun 30, 2012
nice price and shiping steals it, good sharing
MrBklynW Jun 29, 2012
great price for 6 bottles of wine. thanks for sharing!
dvinegrace83 Jun 29, 2012
i'm no wine expert, but that seems like a great price for that many bottles and that much variety delivered! =)
tpark6283 Jun 29, 2012
6 bottles of wine wouldn't last long around here. What an awesome deal!
blackfoot Jun 29, 2012
Sounds like a good deal for 6 bottles. Enjoy a glass of wine for your 4th of July party.
pigday Jun 29, 2012
6 bottle together. Great deal.!
DealiciousPie Jun 29, 2012
I swear it costs almost that much just to ship it to you! Great deal. I bought from them before, and I liked the wines.
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branie Jun 29, 2012
After this past week we have been having 6 bottles is not enough, but for the price I could get 12 and still save $$ Thanks for sharing. 1 penny shipping is reasonable.
themoneyman1113 Jun 29, 2012
This is a great deal and you mean those wine coolers are not doing the trick? hahaha.
rockinnrolla Jun 29, 2012
I wouldn't mind having 6 bottles of wine for the weekend! Nice price! :)