$14 buys $30 worth of p.o.p. candy butter crunch treats

$14 buys $30 worth of p.o.p. candy butter crunch treats

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p.o.p. candy

By modernizing the traditional flavors and using the best quality ingredients, an old favorite has become a modern gourmet delight. p.o.p. candy has transformed toffee and by bringing in new and distinctive flavors they’re sharing butter crunch with a whole new audience. Fresh crunchy nuts, farmers market herbs and fruit, and even organic granola are suspended in a delicate yet delicious toffee base. New and old come together beautifully under this amazing brand.

More like a fresh bakery treat than a shelf stabilized candy, p.o.p. candy butter crunch is best enjoyed soon after it’s been made. Stock up on $30 Stackable Vouchers so you can select a variety of flavors for when your sweet tooth flares up.

Sweet n’ savory.

We know salt is a super flavor booster, but take it a step further and other savory nuts and herbs amp up the volume of traditionally sweet treats. p.o.p. candy knows how to balance these innovative elements. Their butter crunch showcases premium nuts, spices and even herbs like rosemary and thyme. We were intrigued, and it was love at first bite. The combinations are quite distinctive, and the super flavors really come through.

Naturally nummy.

So many confectioners cheat with hardeners and additives, but p.o.p. candy has sound food science and top-notch techniques to ensure a natural buttery toasty crunch sensation. Real butter, cane sugar and brown rice syrup are the core of their brittle butter crunch candies. The golden color comes from heat and the rich toffee flavor can’t be beat.

P is for pretty!

A great product deserves a pretty presentation, and that’s something p.o.p. candy has hit out of the park. Their tins and gift boxes showcase the spunk of this sensational product and will be sure to delight anyone lucky enough to get one as a gift. Even sending p.o.p. candy in their clear cello bags with one of their popular any occasion stickers is a surefire hit!

We love the opportunity to mix flavors and choose a variety of p.o.p. candy premium products; their nifty website helps you explore options and make a mix that is truly marvelous.
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