Capri Sun Variety Pack - 40 pouches

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Variety pack includes: Fruit Punch, Pacific Cooler, Wild Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi.

Product Features
25% less sugar
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
No artificial sweeteners
No high fructose corn syrup
Reduced sugar
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Comments (3)

dealwagger (L5)
Jul 14, 2012
$2.18 per 10, which is the size found in stores. Actually this is a better price than the regular price at Walmart, but I've seen them around $2 in stores occasionally where you only need to buy one or two 10 packs. :)
arsiel (L5)
Jul 14, 2012
It really depends on if you can find it on sale. I think I've seen the boxes of 10 for as low as $1.77
dealwagger (L5)
Jul 15, 2012
Yeah they were like $1.70 each at Walmart not to long ago, the Kool Aid Jammers anyways, so we still have some. :) Sometimes it pays to know "useless" information.

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