St. Patrick's Day Potatoes | See's Candies

See's famous light and airy divinity, full of white chocolate and loads of California-grown walnuts, is hand shaped and enrobed in See's milk chocolate then rolled in a special blend of cinnamon and cocoa powder. The 'eyes' of the potato are applied using pine nuts.

6 - 2.5 oz. St. Patrick's Day Potatoes
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snypin04 Mar 01, 2012
SO EXPENSIVE. save some money and make your own with this recipe.
tpark6283 Mar 01, 2012
I love irish potatoes, not quite sure about these with the white chocolate and nuts tho. Might have to get them just to see!
alonga Feb 29, 2012
i can't wait..
dvinegrace83 Feb 29, 2012
hahaha..reminds me of sandra lee's ice cream baked potatoes.
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seanvcxz Feb 29, 2012
These are a little odd. I wonder how they taste?
aznballa161 Feb 29, 2012
Looks good, a little expensive for my taste though.
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iowahawkeyes Feb 29, 2012
Hahaha these are so cool! never heard of them before
newjerseychickxo Feb 29, 2012
I just love Irish potatoes.Thanks for the post!
Christine Feb 29, 2012
hmmm interesting! they sound yummyyy but yea definitely a little pricey =p
akaricke Feb 29, 2012
Definatly sounds good!
themoneyman1113 Feb 29, 2012
I have never had these, but sound amazingly good. Thanks very much
FibroMom Feb 29, 2012
Oh, these are TOO Cool! What fun at a St. Patty's Day Party! Thanks for the Fun Find! :)
catchersmom Feb 29, 2012
Hummmmmmmm my have to get them to just see how they are made
blackfoot Feb 28, 2012
Sounds delicious - Expensive but yummy. My favorite see's candy is the dark chocolate blueberry truffle.